Aam Aadmi Party’s MCD Government will get the dilapidated community halls of Delhi repaired, finally providing easy access to better facilities to Delhiites. Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi held a meeting with the Community Service Department and directed the officials to take up the maintenance of 169 community centres on a priority basis. Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi emphasised that people should have easy access to community centres near their homes. In this regard, she further stressed that repair work of community centres should be done as soon as possible. Additionally, the mayor also held a review meeting regarding the Hardayal Memorial Library.

During the meeting, the officials stated that the MCD has 296 Community Centres, 94 Senior Citizen Recreation Centres, 52 Physical Centres/Gyms, 15 Swimming Pools, 5 Sports Complexes, 1 Mahila Haat and 1 Working Women’s Hostel. Of these, 169 community centres require minor repair and maintenance work.

After this, Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi said that community centres have an important role to play in social programs. “People should have easy access to community centres around their homes. In light of this, repair work on dilapidated community centres should be done on an immediate basis,” she said.

In the same meeting, Dr. Oberoi reviewed a report on the Hardayal Memorial Library directing the officials to take steps towards the smooth functioning of the Library. The department presented its report stating that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) had proposed a budget of Rs. 4 crores 11 lakhs for the library in the previous financial year, while only Rs. 1 crore 85 lakhs were allocated by the corporation. Dr. Oberoi directed the officials to take action to address the issues concerning the library. She also added that immediate action should be taken to solve problems related to the library. A report will be prepared on the employees whose salary has been pending for the last two years. Pursuant to this, their salary should be paid to them expediently, as per Mayor’s directions.

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