The claims of LG Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena regarding alleged irregularities and embezzlement of funds by the Delhi government on non-existent guest teachers in Delhi government schools have fallen flat, as the inquiry report submitted to him finds all the documents in proper order.

Slamming LG for making false allegations about the Delhi government, Education Minister Shri Raaj Kumar Anand on Monday said that in September 2022, LG Vinai Kumar Saxena had alleged that there had been embezzlement of funds with the payment of non-existent guest teachers by the government. He also addressed our teachers as ‘ghost teachers’ but all his claims have fallen flat with this latest report of the Directorate of Education. As per the report there are no irregularities.”

He added that LG’s allegations are completely fabricated and baseless, not even a single rupee was used illegally in the entire process.

During the press conference held today, Shri Raaj Kumar Anand also said that there are no irregularities and not even a single ghost guest teacher in Delhi government schools. Documents of all nearly 16,600 guest teachers in Delhi government schools were scrutinised. In the case of nearly 16500 Guest Teachers all the documents were found to be in order.

The Education Minister said that all these guest teachers follow the proper protocols and attend school every day. “There have been no irregularities found in their documents.” He added that 109 have been asked to submit their remaining documents as soon as possible as some had submitted provisional documents, OBC certificates of other states, etc. DoE has given them time to do the same.

Shri Raaj Kumar Anand said, “After this report, I would like to request LG to stop harassing the Delhi Government and disrupting the education of poor children by making false allegations. The Delhi Government is working honestly and diligently for the welfare of the children of Delhi. These teachers are in a noble profession, who are ensuring education to lakhs of children studying in Delhi government schools and he should not address them as ‘ghost teachers’. Let the government function properly. It is because of the efforts of these teachers that the Delhi Education Model is applauded across the world.”

It is to be noted that 109 teachers with pending documents have been asked to submit the proper documents in the stipulated time.

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