AAP MLA Venzy Viegas inaugurated 3 tollems (ponds) after desilting and cleaning up, in his constituency of Benaulim, Goa. He acted swiftly on the demands of the people in his constituency, showing the will and vigour to serve the people of Goa. Following the example of Delhi’s ‘City of Lakes’ initiative, Viegas now focuses on rejuvenating 18 more ponds in his constituency under the Amrit Sarovar project. The revived ponds will help fish populations thrive and recharge groundwater in the long term. The initiative is in line with AAP’s election promises of sustainable development and preserving ecological balance. 

In April 2023, Venzy Viegas, AAP MLA from Benaulim constituency in Goa announced significant progress in fulfilling 15 years of pending demand of the people to clean up the 21 water bodies in his constituency of Benaulim. Taking inspiration from the ‘City of Lakes’ initiative of the Kejriwal Govt in Delhi, AAP MLA Venzy Viegas had been taking keen interest and making diligent efforts to rejuvenate the water bodies in Benaulim. He shared the good news while inaugurating the completed work on 3 tollems (lakes) out of the 21 identified. 

Under the Amrit Sarovar project, 21 ponds were identified for desilting. Due to organised and timely efforts of the MLA, the work on 3 ponds has already been completed, they are Diuler, Bandli and Choptail tollem. These ponds were ignored for the past many years, in spite of regular demand by the locals that the ponds need cleaning to maintain the fragile ecological balance of the area. Reviving these ponds would help more fishes thrive in the pond and will boost finishing as economic activity. In the long run, this would help recharge groundwater, helping the region in many ways. 
As per the election promises of AAP Goa, sustainable development while preserving ecological balance is the top priority for Goa’s AAP MLAs Venzy Viegas and Cruz Silva. Late last year, they had visited the site of Rajokri waterbody in Delhi to understand the method employed to clean the waterbody and replicate it in Goa for River Sal clean-up. Mr Venzy has been a keen observer of good work done in Delhi and wants to replicate it in reviving water bodies in Goa.

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