The Kejriwal government is actively working to turn Delhi into a ‘City of Lakes’. In view of the same, the government is developing Timarpur Lake premises as a tourist destination. Upon completion, the area promises an opportunity for people to relish the beauty of nature. Beyond aiding in groundwater recharge, this project will also address water concerns for the local population. Water Minister Atishi, on Thursday, inspected Timarpur Lake and provided directives to officials to ensure the prompt and high-quality completion of the project.

Spread over 40 acres, Timarpur Lake to become a major tourist attraction

It is to be noted that, Timarpur Lake is being developed on a 40-acre land. The lake project is in its final phase. 90 percent of the work for the first phase of this project has been completed. Construction work is currently on hold due to GRAP restrictions. Once the restrictions are lifted, the remaining work will be completed soon. After that, the lake will be open to the general public.

This lake serves as an example of sustainable governance along with beauty. The project is being prepared to maintain an ecological system and recharge more and more underground water in a cost-effective manner. In this direction, a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) will be constructed here. Clean water from this STP will be released into the lake. After completion, stored water will assist in recharging groundwater, and it will also be beneficial for water treatment.

Kejriwal Government transforms once a dirty site into a world-class beautiful lake

Water Minister Atishi revealed that around 1940, there used to be a treatment plant in Timarpur, Delhi. Oxidation ponds were made to treat dirty water. However, this method of cleaning dirty water was quite old, resulting in the accumulation of dirty water and a foul smell on the Timarpur land. Due to these issues, the plant was shut down. In the subsequent years, people began dumping waste on the site, making it undesirable for locals due to the surrounding dirt.

Addressing this problem, Kejriwal government planned to develop a lake on this land, and now this area has transformed into a splendid lake. The locals are extremely pleased with the development of the lake. Not only have the residents been relieved of the dirt, but the area has also become a secure place for the public

Kejriwal Government developing Timarpur Lake as a tourist destination with world-class facilities

Kejriwal government is developing Timarpur Lake as a tourist destination, featuring amenities like food cafes, open-air theater, butterfly park, gallery, and auditorium. Upon the lake’s opening, visitors can enjoy the beauty and utilize facilities like selfie points, step plaza, and a museum. The project aims not only to raise the groundwater level but also to create an ecosystem in the area. It will address water scarcity in the surrounding regions, ensuring the lake remains filled with clean water throughout the year.

A Sewage Treatment Plant is being constructed in a 5-acre area of the lake premises, where 25 MLD of water will be treated daily

Water Minister Atishi informed that alongside the development of the Timarpur lake premises, a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is being established here on 5 acres land. This STP, part of the second phase, will treat 25 MLD of water daily, contributing to the replenishment of the lake and groundwater recharge. Anticipating the possibility of several crore liters of water being recharged daily from Timarpur Lake, the project signifies a significant water management effort. Ms Atishi highlighted the Kejriwal government’s commitment to restoring and constructing lakes in Delhi, not only transforming the city into one with abundant lakes but also positively impacting the groundwater level. These lakes are envisioned to be crucial future water sources for the capital, with ongoing efforts to plant indigenous flora and enhance the aesthetic appeal of all water bodies.

Officials shared with the Water Minister that the construction of the lake has generated enthusiasm among the people in the surrounding areas. The completion of the lake has not only put an end to pollution but has also enhanced the beauty of the area. People are eagerly awaiting the opening of the lake premises.

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