The Kejriwal government is working on a war footing to provide better employment opportunities to the youth in Delhi. Working in this direction, Labour and Employment Minister Shri Raaj Kumar Anand held a meeting with the Vice Chancellor of Labour Department and the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) to discuss the organisation of an employment fair or ‘Rozgar Mela’. During this meeting, it was decided that the Delhi government will organise a large-scale employment fair to provide better employment opportunities to the youth.

Moreover, employment centres will be established to provide right guidance to the youth for their careers. At the Rozgar Mela, the youth will be counselled by experts and will learn about the field for which they have potential and aptitude, so as to make their dreams come true.

The DSEU Vice Chancellor shared in the meeting that with the help of the Employment Centres, more than 2000 youths have already benefited so far in Delhi. At these employment centres, the university guides the youth looking for new unexplored opportunities. On the basis of their studies and profile, the youth are assisted in finding employment opportunities. Importantly, experts counsel them and help them discover an appropriate field of work.

It should be noted that till now, three such employment centres are operating in Delhi. In the meeting, the Labour and Employment Minister instructed DSEU to submit a proposal to increase the number of employment centres to 20.

Shri Raaj Kumar Anand also suggested in the meeting that while talking about employment of the youth of Delhi, special care and attention should be given to people living with disability.

He instructed the officials to organise a separate job fair for differently-abled persons. The cabinet minister directed the officials of the concerned department and the university to take appropriate steps in this direction. Along with this, he also suggested that collaborations and communication should be sought with civil society organisations and NGOs working in this field. With the help of these organisations, those employers can be included in the employment fair who can provide employment opportunities to the disabled as well.

The Kejriwal government is planning to organise a huge job fair or Rozgar Mela in Delhi to provide employment opportunities to the youth on a large scale. The department is currently engaged in its preparations. During the meeting covering this subject, the Labour and Employment Minister Shri Raaj Kumar Anand suggested that registration and counselling camps should be organised in every assembly constituency to involve the maximum youth of Delhi.

Additionally, the Delhi government will organise employment fairs on a small scale as well. Shri Raaj Kumar Anand instructed officials of the department to organise job fairs on a small scale from time to time. He directed that an external agency be appointed, to ensure that the job fair is organised well.

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