Continuing her series of visits to upcoming Delhi government schools on the direction of CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Education Minister Ms. Atishi inspected two underconstruction schools in Rithala and Kohat Enclave. These schools are almost ready and will be open for children from July onwards. Students studying here in the future will have access to smart classrooms, modern laboratories, fully equipped libraries, multipurpose halls, and other world-class facilities.

During the inspection, the Education Minister said, “These magnificent schools built in Rithala and Kohat Enclave are a part of Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s vision to provide world-class education to every child in Delhi. With each new government school, we are moving forward in the direction of fulfilling this vision. The remarkable buildings of both schools exemplify the seriousness and priority of the Kejriwal government towards education.” She added that when someone mentions a government school, an image of a dilapidated building with broken walls and children sitting on the floor comes to mind. But in Delhi, the government has transformed this entire scenario. The schools under the Delhi government are not only superior to other government schools across the country but also comparable to private schools in terms of excellence.

Ms. Atishi mentioned that before Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s government in Delhi in 2015, government schools in the city were in shambles. Broken walls and dark rooms jeopardized the future of children. But the Chief Minister made education his top priority, and as a result, magnificent government schools are being built even in the villages of Delhi.

Ms. Atishi said that the Chief Minister believes that when quality education reaches the children irrespective of their background, only then India will become the number one country in the world. And through the medium of Kejriwal government’s education initiatives, this vision is being fulfilled. She mentioned that the Delhi government has instilled confidence in Delhi’s parents through its world-class schools, assuring them that “the lack of money will never hinder their children’s education” and that their children will receive all the facilities free of cost in Delhi government schools, which are otherwise available in expensive private schools.

The Education Minister also directed PWD officials to expedite finishing work on the under construction buildings to ensure children can study in the brand new school from July onwards.

It is to be noted that this 4-storey school, constructed in Rithala, has been divided into three blocks. It comprises of a total of 132 rooms, including 10 modern labs for science, 2 libraries, a computer lab, and other excellent facilities for children, including a lift.

Further mentioning the Kohat Enclave school, the Education Minister said that this school has been designed in a way that maximizes the utilization of every section and encourages children’s participation in learning. She mentioned that this school will serve as a center for quality education for thousands of children in the vicinity and work towards fulfilling their dreams. It is noteworthy that this 4-storey school, constructed in Kohat Enclave, has been divided into three blocks, comprising a total of 125 rooms. It includes 9 state-of-the-art labs, 2 libraries, a lift for children, and other excellent facilities.

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