The Kejriwal Government honoured the sacrifice of Corona warrior Late Mamata Rani, by presenting her family with a Samman Rashi of Rs 1 crore, on Saturday. Social Welfare Minister Shri Raaj Kumar Anand met with the family members of Corona Warrior Mamta Rani on Saturday, who lost her life due to Covid while serving at Sultanpuri School in Rohini zone and presented a cheque of one crore rupees on behalf of the Delhi Government. During the meeting, Shri Raaj Kumar Anand expressed his condolences and assured the family of all possible support from the Kejriwal Government.

Social Welfare Minister Shri Raaj Kumar Anand said, “In the difficult times of Corona, many brave people of Delhi belonging to different areas saved the people by risking their lives, we salute their spirit to fight the war against the pandemic.” He also emphasised that “the Delhi government will provide all possible help to the family of Mamta Rani, a teacher who lost her life while serving at Sultanpuri school in Rohini zone during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

He further added, “The Kejriwal government is giving Samman Rashi of one crore rupees each to the families of Corona warriors of Delhi who lost their lives due to Covid while serving the public during the Corona period so that they can get relief in the hour of crisis. Even though the ex-gratia amount could not compensate for the loss caused to the families, I hope that with this financial help, the family members would get some help in improving their future and living.”

He added, “In order to serve the public amidst the Corona pandemic, doctors, nurses, and employees stayed away from their relatives and provided 24-hour services for the treatment of patients. Meanwhile, many Corona warriors themselves got corona infected and even lost their lives. I pray to God that their souls rest in peace.”

He added, “The Kejriwal Government has given an aid of Rs one crore each to the families of more than 70 corona warriors of Delhi who lost their lives in the pandemic. The Delhi Government is always with them to help them. We express our gratitude to all our Corona warriors, who have served the people without caring for their lives.”

Shri Anand also commended Mamta Rani’s generosity and positive outlook on life. She left behind her husband, Gulshan Kumar, also a teacher at the same school, and two daughters aged 4 and 7 years. Inquiring about the condition of the girls after the death of their mother, Social Welfare Minister Shri Raj Kumar Anand talked to them for a long time and assured them that they could feel free to come and tell him if any kind of problem arises in the future. The Delhi Government’s financial assistance scheme aims to support the families of Corona warriors and provide them with help for their livelihoods and future.

In conclusion, Shri Raj Kumar Anand expressed his gratitude to all Corona warriors and their families, assuring them that the Delhi Government stands ready to help them in any way possible.

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