In yet another act of defying direct orders of the elected Government, the bureaucrats of Delhi have turned a deaf ear to the pleas and concerns of professors and employees of the Delhi University. Education Minister Atishi had sanctioned Rs 100 crore for the salary of teachers and employees of Delhi University about two and a half months ago, but that money has not reached the university.
Senior AAP leader Shri Sanjeev Jha said, “The education minister had sanctioned ₹100 crores on June 19 itself but the Finance Secretary did not release the money to the university by the finance secretary, alleging that there was a deliberate delay in giving the salary. On August 25, the Education Minister again wrote a letter to the Finance Secretary, directing him to release funds immediately. However, the teachers are to receive their salaries. He said that the Kejriwal government has always given utmost priority to education. Some people cannot digest this and as a result, a concerted attempt is being made to tarnish the image of the government by withholding the salary. We appeal that the Finance Secretary should take note of the letter from the Education Minister and release the salaries of the teachers and employees as soon as possible.”

Senior AAP leader and MLA Shri Sanjeev Jha addressed an important press conference at the party headquarters on Saturday. During the conference, the National in-charge of ADTA Aditya Mishra was present along with Rajpal, Narendra Pandey, Prem Chand, and Seema Das were also present Shri Sanjeev Jha said, “For the last few days, something very vicious has been happening at Delhi University and the teachers and employees of DU are at the receiving end. There is a deliberate delay in releasing the salaries of DU professors. The AAP government is quite clear in its approach that the professors and employees of DU should not face any kind of problem. The same is reflected in our work. On June 19, the Education Minister of Delhi released Rs 100 crore, but this fund did not reach DU. After this, ADTA wrote a letter to the Education Minister informing that the Delhi University teachers and employees were not getting their salaries and the reason was the unavailability of funds. ADTA also told that the arrears of promotion, pension, LTC, and medical benefit funds have also not been given. After receiving the letter, the Education Minister wrote another letter on August 25th asking why when the fund was approved on June 19th itself, the salaries had not been received yet. The Education Minister directed to immediately release the funds and take action against those who were responsible for the delay. She also wrote to the Finance Secretary that all outstanding funds should be cleared immediately.”

MLA Shri Sanjeev Jha added, “Despite the Education Minister’s letter being sent on August 25, the professors of Delhi University have not received their salary yet. They are facing a financial crisis as a result. I fail to understand the reason behind such a delay in paying the salary. The Education Minister told the High Court that the government has approved the fund but it is not being released at the level of the Finance Secretary. The High Court has given a notice to the Finance Secretary on this. I feel that this is an attempt to tarnish the image of the Kejriwal government by projecting that we are delaying the salary. They cannot digest the fact that the Kejriwal government has always given the highest priority to education. Whatever allegations you want to make against us, you can make them, but teachers should not be harmed by this. This is very dirty politics. In the history of Independent India, it is unprecedented that a minister has approved a fund, and the Finance Secretary has stalled it.

MLA Shri Sanjeev Jha said, “When we came to power in Delhi Government for the first time under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal, only ₹ 132 crore were given to Delhi University, whereas in 2023-24, Delhi Government has released ₹ 400 crore to Delhi University. The government has also assured that it would provide more funds if needed. The Delhi government is about to release the third installment of DU. Even after this, if Delhi University is not been provided with the funds, then it is completely wrong. It is my appeal to the Finance Secretary to take immediate take cognizance of the letter of the Education Minister through which she approved the funds and also directed that outstanding benefits and salaries should be given to the professors and employees of Delhi University without any further delay. The teachers and employees are facing extreme difficulty without their salaries.

During the event, ADTA’s national in-charge Aditya Mishra said, “I have been active in teacher politics since 1990 and have contested several elections. But I have never seen such dirty politics as is being played now. On June 19, the Education Minister approved ₹ 100 crore and directed the Finance Department to release it, but till now this money has not reached the teachers’ accounts. Teachers have defaulted in EMI. They have run out of money to pay children’s fees or meet household expenses. It is my straightforward question to ask those who are indulged in politics and to the President of DUTA as well, what pleasure they are getting by withholding their salaries. It is your government at the Centre, LG is also yours. The accountability of bureaucracy rests with LG. The people of Delhi have seen your real face. LG is responsible for DU teachers not getting their salaries yet.”

He said, “When the fund was approved on June 19, the salaries should have been transferred to the accounts of the employees within two to four days. But it is yet to happen because they want the employees to suffer and keep propagating that there is no money despite the reality being different. Those doing dirty politics by withholding the salaries of DU teachers should tell what will get they out of this. DUTA has fired 80 percent of the professors and they continue to intimidate the employees. It was on the instructions of DUTA that the salary has not been received yet. All educationists understand this. ADTA will not sit silently. The bureaucracy is deliberately delaying the payment of salaries so that the teachers suffer. Delhi government has been continuously increasing the Education budget. In 2023-14, the Central Government’s share in the budget was 4.70% which has now been reduced to 2.50%. This amount also includes the HEFA loan.”

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