Power Minister Ms. Atishi reviewed the Delhi government’s “Summer Action Plan” for uninterrupted power supply during the peak season on Tuesday. A high stake meeting was held with the senior officials of the Power department and 3 DISCOMs, where officials briefed the newly appointed Power Minister about their preparation for the upcoming summer season. Reviewing the plan, Power Minister Ms. Atishi said, “Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, it is the Delhi government’s priority to ensure uninterrupted 24*7 power supply during the peak summer season to the people of Delhi. The Delhi government is fully prepared to ensure that people get electricity without power cuts, even during the peak summer season. Like every year, we will follow the ‘Zero Power Cut Policy’ this year too.”

During the meeting, the officials informed the Power Minister that the peak power demand in Delhi last summer was 7695 MW, and the Power department was able to meet this peak demand without any power cuts. Peak power demand may reach 8100 MW this year, but the department said they are well prepared to meet the increasing power demand in the coming summer.

Power Minister Ms. Atishi said, “Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi government has instilled confidence among the people of Delhi that they can get an uninterrupted 24*7 power supply. In the future, the government’s priority is to preserve this trust of people in the government by continuing the uninterrupted power supply.”

Following the review, Power Minister Ms. Atishi instructed the officials to tie up additional power with the power companies and ensure the maintenance and upgradation of power substations and power lines. This will help the government deal better during the peak load season and address the needs of people better.

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