Rojgar Bazaar 2.0 portal

In July 2020, the AAP Delhi Government launched an online portal to serve as a “Rozgar Bazaar” for recruiters and job-seekers.

Rojgar Bazaar 1.0 portal (official web address ) was launched in Aug 2020, and served as a lifeline for the unemployed youth and small businesses in Delhi.

This initiative was launched to assist blue-collar job seekers impacted by CoVID-19 to find employment. The portal facilitated connecting job seekers to employers, and set up a new model of employment in Delhi.

  • Alternative names are Rojgar Bazaar / Rozgaar Bazaar /  Rozgar Bazaar
  • This is a free-of-charge service.
  • The vacancies can be posted in any of the 32 job categories (includes telecaller, security guards, drivers, sales jobs etc.)
  • 11 lakh had found jobs by 26th Aug 2020.

Guidelines on Rojgar Bazaar portal usage introduced by Arvind Kejriwal (27th July 2020)

A good response was noted amongst the employers and the public for the Rojgar Bazaar portal (2nd Aug 2020)

An update on Rojgar Bazaar portal was provided by Minister Gopal Rai (7th Aug 2020)

Taking this further, the 2.0 portal will provide skilling, career guidance, skill credentialing and automated analytics services.

Rojgar Bazaar 2.0 portal, Delhi Govt floats tender (as of 18/10/2021)

Will provide Artificial-Intelligence based job matching and end-to-end employment related services to you.

Physical centres will also be provided for those who cannot access the digital platform.

700 Delhi Jal Board contractual employees made permanent

On 9 Feb 2022, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal handed over certificates of permanent services to 700 contractual workers of the Delhi Jal Board, an autonomous body.

“I believe the step we are taking is historic…for the very first time in Delhi Government, such a large number of contractual workers are being made permanent, together”, said Arvind Kejriwal.

The regularized employees will be able to enjoy perks and benefits such as medical facilities, government accommodation, leave benefits and terminal dues such as gratuity. etc.

(Source: Tweet by Arvind Kejriwal)

Delhi Film Policy

On 24 Feb 2022, the AAP Delhi Government approved the Delhi Film policy 2022 to promote Delhi as a hub of film shooting. Taken from best practices of European cities, Delhi will soon have its own Film Festival, Rs. 3 Crore subsidy on film production, Awards ceremony, Film Advisory Board & more.

Delhi may soon be the new capital for film productions. The new film policy will be inclusive in nature, focussing on the development of the tourism sector, growth of the economy and job creation.

  • India’s most progressive Film Policy
  • Aims to create jobs + boost economy
  • Single window online clearance system
  • Subsidy of upto 3 Crores for production
  • Inclusive growth in entire Hospitality/Tourism related industry

(Source: Tweet by DelhiGovDigital)

Manish Sisodia’s Press Conference announcing Delhi’s Film Policy.

ITI Training building inaugurated

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia inaugurated a new academic block with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, a cosmetology lab and a modern plumbing lab at ITI Jahangirpuri on 4 Mar 2022.

“Our ITI students are getting jobs in big companies due to their exceptional skills, but now there is a need to create such an environment so that they become not only job seekers but also job creators. They must do their work in such a way that new jobs get created because of their efforts,” Manish Sisodia said.

Efforts to boost female staff in public transport workforce

Only around 1,900 (4.5%) of the 42,000-strong work force keeping the Capital’s mega network of public transport running — both Metro and buses — are women.

Data showed that of the total 28,949 employees of the DTC, 28,149 (97.2%) are male and the remaining 800 (2.7%) are female. Moreover, the city has just one woman bus driver and 732 women conductors, which is 4.7% of the 15,433 bus conductors employed with the DTC.

Compared to the DTC, the DMRC fared marginally better as nearly 1,100 (7.8%) of its 14,000 employees are women. Of these, at least 115 are train operators, while 300 are engaged at the stations and trains in different capacities related to operations and maintenance.

Delhi government has taken up a slew of measures to include more women in public transport since Oct 2021. In Feb 2022, it decided to relax the norms to recruit female drivers for its buses, including reducing the minimum height needed from 159 cm to 153 cm and bringing down the “experience criteria” to a month for women applicants. It decided that women who qualify for the post of drivers will initially be deployed in low-floor buses. Besides, in another first, the Delhi government has also reserved 1,406 (33%) of the 4,261 new permits for new electric autos in the city exclusively for women.

(Source: Hindustan Times)

MOU with YuWaah (UNICEF)

The Delhi Govt signed an MOU with YuWaah (UNICEF) in Nov 2020 to connect 10 million youth of Delhi with jobs. This partnership will make Delhi Government Rozgaar Bazaar portal a robust one-stop solution for young people seeking jobs and will improve the services offered on the portal.

  • YuWaah (Generation Unlimited/GenU) aims at preparing young people to transition from education and learning to productive work and active citizenship.
  • UNICEF/YuWaah will also jointly organize live entrepreneur interactions, apprenticeship opportunities, and work on career guidance portal for students in classes from class 9 to 12, along with potential to engage in supporting the Skills & Entrepreneurship University in Delhi.

Honorarium / Pay almost doubled for Anganwadi workers

The Delhi Govt almost doubled the honorarium of anganwadi workers in July 2017. The pay for anganwadi workers was increased from Rs 5000 per month to Rs 9,678 per month, and for helpers from Rs 2500 per month to Rs 4,839 per month.

  • The Government of India’s share remained the same, and Delhi Government’s share increased.
  • Additionally, it was also decided to pay them mobile/internet charges of Rs. 500 and Rs. 250 respectively.
  • It was expected to benefit around 12,000 anganwadi workers.

Career prospects for Sportspersons

Career prospects for sportspersons have been enhanced through schemes such as “Mission Excellence” and “Play and Progress”, amongst others.

For further details, please see “Education / Sports” section.

Rehabilitation of beggars

AAP Delhi Government is trying to make Delhi beggar-free by creating livelihood opportunities through the imparting of training and skill-building.

People in Delhi living in homeless shelters also completed skill-training courses organised by Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board. These students were trained as plumbers, massage therapists, tailors, cooks and electricians. The skill centres, in collaboration with NGOs, were inaugurated in Jan 2017.

For more details, please see the section on “Social Security and Welfare”.

Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University and World Class Skill Centres

The Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) was established in August 2020 by the Government of NCT of Delhi to equip students with world-class skill education to enable access to aspirational jobs and inculcate entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship. DSEU aims to create a win-win for the youth and the industry by filling the existing gaps in skill training.

The AAP Government of Delhi has also been by setting up ‘World Class Skill Centres (WCSCs)’ in Delhi.

For more details, please see the section on “Higher Education – New Universities, Courses, Schemes”.

DSEU Lighthouse inaugurated

DSEU Lighthouse, a world renowned Skilling Centre aimed at the disadvantaged youth in slums to earn a livelihood, has been inaugurated.

For more details, please see the section on “Higher Education – New Universities, Courses, Schemes”.

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