Education Minister Ms. Atishi visited ITI, Pusa on Friday and interacted with the students there. During the visit, the Minister inspected the automatic welding lab, electronics lab, engineering design lab, and automobile lab. While interacting with the students and discussing ITI courses, Ms. Atishi said, “Highly skilled students graduating from the Kejriwal Government’s ITIs will establish a new benchmark in the future. Our country will be recognized as a developed nation when every young person is skilled and contributes to nation-building.”

The Education Minister added that institutions across the world are focusing on professional skill-based courses. However, even today, in India and many developed countries, children are unconsciously influenced by the notion that if they don’t pursue graduation, they have achieved nothing. On the contrary, developed countries focus on technical education. “We want our youth to become skilled, and this is why the Kejriwal government is promoting advanced technical education. In Delhi, we have started moving away from conventional beliefs regarding education and emphasizing technical education,” she said.

Ms. Atishi emphasized that in the past few years, Kejriwal Government-run ITIs have introduced various advanced courses as per the demands of the industry, which are helping the students develop 21st-century skills. Delhi ITIs are actively partnering with various industries, considering the market needs, and students are benefiting greatly from it.

To increase the participation of women in technical studies, the
Education Minister directed officials to plan outreach programs and visit Delhi schools to promote ITI courses. Enhancing female enrollment will empower them economically and foster self-reliance. “It is commonly believed that skill courses are expensive, leading many girls to not enroll in them. However, the Kejriwal government provides free skill education in its ITI institutions to increase girls’ participation,” said the Education Minister.
The Kejriwal government is partnering with renowned companies from India and abroad to provide excellent skill exposure to students studying in ITI institutes. ITI Pusa, in collaboration with companies such as Dyson, LG, Maruti, Havells, and others, is working towards upskilling children.

During the interaction, students informed Ms. Atishi that their ITI course has given them more confidence than studying in the 11th-12th grade or pursuing graduation. They mentioned that when they were in the 11th-12th grade, they lacked self-confidence and were uncertain about their future. However, since joining the ITI, they have gained a clear vision of their future, and their self-confidence has increased.

Along with this, the ITI courses in the Kejriwal government’s Skill University are recognized as equivalent to the 11th-12th grade, allowing students to directly enroll in degree or diploma courses. This eliminates the fear among students that if they join an ITI after the 10th grade, their 11th-12th grade education will be wasted. The Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University have successfully addressed this concern of ITI students.

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