The Kejriwal government is working towards giving a European makeover to Delhi roads. In this direction, PWD Minister Ms. Atishi granted approval for the second phase of Narwana Road beautification in the Patparganj Assembly constituency. In the second phase of the project, the approximately 800-meter stretch of road from Technology Apartments to Parivar Apartments on Narwana Road will receive a new look. Currently, the beautification of the road from Mother Dairy to Technology Apartments is underway and will be completed soon.

Sharing the update, Ms. Atishi said, “The majority of the beautification work in the first phase of Narwana Road has been completed, and the entire stretch has become incredibly beautiful. The local residents who regularly use this stretch are extremely happy with the progress. In the second phase, the entire stretch will acquire a splendid appearance, making this road an iconic symbol of Patparganj.”

She mentioned that while working towards the vision of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the PWD Department is striving to make Delhi’s roads beautiful, following the European style of roads. The government aims to give a new identity to the roads across Delhi and provide people with a pleasant experience while walking on the roads.

Ms. Atishi stated, “After the road redesign, there will be a significant increase in the greenery around the roads. Not even an inch of the road’s surface will be left bare without any grass. This will also effectively eliminate the problem of dust pollution on the roads.”

These will be the new features of Narwana Road in the second phase

-> Colorful tiles will be installed on the footpaths to make them visually appealing and convenient for pedestrians.
-> Green areas will be created with more plantations to enhance the overall greenery.
-> Magnificent open seating areas will be constructed for people to sit and relax.
-> Designer LED lights will illuminate the roads during the night, creating a vibrant atmosphere.
-> Jan-Suvidha Kendras will be established for public convenience.
-> Sandstone artwork will be installed to enhance the beauty of the roads.

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