Delhi Education Minister Ms Atishi slammed the BJP for spreading misinformation about the results of the government schools of Delhi and challenged them to show one such school in Delhi where over 90 percent of the children have failed in any grade. The leaders of the BJP are only capable of spreading misinformation in the media and concocting lies, she said.

Ms Atishi said that the BJP does not bother to fix the government schools in the states that are run by them and pointed out how the schools in BJP-ruled states function under classrooms made of tin sheds and with the least amount of basic facilities.

She added that the Kejriwal Government is doing everything in its control to improve the government schools in Delhi and children over here have been leaving private schools to join government schools in the National Capital. “Therefore the BJP has nothing else to do besides spreading misinformation about our schools. The issue with the leaders of the BJP is that if these leaders were themselves educated, then they would be able to read the order of the Department of Education,” she said.

She explained that if the leaders of the BJP had just read the simple order of the DoE, then they would have understood that there is a very simple process of rechecking. This is done to ensure that there is no error in uploading the marks given to the system. She added that the process of correction of marksheets is such that the marks are first written on the answer sheets, then written in the records and later also updated online.

She said that there is a very small possibility of there being an error and therefore before the start of the next academic session a recheck is usually done. She added that there is nothing new in this process and it is done every year in the government schools of Delhi to ensure that marks of practical exams also are given correctly.

Responding to media persons on the allegations of the BJP, Ms Atishi wondered what was the allegation made by the party. She repeated that the process of rechecking is a routine process that every government school in Delhi and every educational institution around the world indulges in and added that if doing this is a crime then every educational institution around the world is involved in it.

She concluded by saying that if the leaders of the BJP had received an education themselves then they would be aware of it. “We don’t know how many BJP leaders went to a school or a college. They anyway refuse to show their degrees nowadays, so we are unsure about their educational qualifications. If they had really attended college, then they would know that the process of rechecking is a common one across the world,” she said.

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