As a result of the release of a large quantity of water from Hathini Kund in Haryana, a flood situation has emerged in Delhi. In light of the increasing water level of Yamuna, today Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai inspected the relief camps situated at Pradhan Enclave Pusta, Burari adjacent to Yamuna River. There, he also took stock of the situation on the banks of Yamuna from Burari Pusta to Palla and near Hiranki, Ramzanpur, Mohammadpur etc. villages on the way. In view of the situation, the officials of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department were instructed to take all necessary steps. Directives have been issued to the officials of all the departments for prompt action on the rising water level of Yamuna. Additionally, instructions have been given to ensure all essential amenities such as accommodation, meals, restrooms, and medical services for the individuals residing in the relief camps. Individuals residing in the affected regions are being relocated to camps established in various districts of Delhi. MLA Shri Sanjeev Jha and Shri Durgesh Pathak also assisted the Minister during the visit.

After taking stock of the relief camps, Shri Gopal Rai shared, “It has not been raining in Delhi for the last three days, but millions of cusecs of water is being released continuously from the Hathinikund barrage, due to which for the first time since 1978 flood like situation has emerged in Delhi. The water level of Yamuna in Delhi has crossed the danger mark. And in this dire situation, the Kejriwal government has prepared itself to handle all types of threats. Considering the flood situation, today we have inspected the relief camp situated at Pradhan Enclave Pusta, Burari, adjacent to Yamuna. Alongside this, the preparations for relief and rescue operations have also been evaluated. Taking into account the rising water level of Yamuna, instructions have been given to the officers of all relevant departments for prompt action.”

He added, “It is our duty as a government to assist the victims of the calamity and provide them with all the necessary amenities. As a result, the process of evacuating individuals from areas affected by floods and relocating them to a secure location is progressing rapidly. The Kejriwal government has set up approximately 2700 relief camps for those affected by the disaster. In these camps, officials have been directed to ensure proper arrangements, including lodging, meals, healthcare, and other necessities, for the people. Additionally, the District Magistrates have been instructed to keep all teams on high alert and deploy additional teams if required.”

The Environment Minister appealed to the people of Delhi saying, “Because of the increasing water level of the Yamuna in Delhi, a significant amount of water has flooded the streets. In this situation, I urge the citizens of Delhi to refrain from using the roads near the Yamuna. Additionally, it has been observed that people are venturing out of their homes to witness the flooding. I kindly request them to cooperate with the government and avoid leaving their houses without a valid reason. The government has implemented robust measures for relief and rescue. However, please do not jeopardize your life in this hour of disaster.”

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