Delhi, the national capital, is also a place of historical significance for our country. It is a place where civilizations have prospered since ancient times and each period of Indian history has left its mark on Delhi in the form of ancient monuments, fascinating museums and art galleries, architectural wonders, lakes and bustling markets, which attract lakhs of tourists from all over the world. 

The AAP Delhi government has put special focus on boosting tourism in the national capital through various schemes, making it a tourist-friendly city. 

Schemes to promote Tourism

  • For the promotion of tourism in Delhi, Delhi government in its budget of 2021-2022 launched two new schemes entitled the ‘Delhi Heritage Promotion‘ and ‘Delhi Tourism Circuit‘. These projects will be centred around heritage walks, events at historical sites and charting out circuits based on themes. 

Measures for the safety of women in tourist spots, such as installation of CCTV cameras at entry points, lighting up of dark spots with LEDs, and posting of uniform-clad guards at all DTTDC (Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation) spots is also underway.

  • On 27th Sep 2021, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, Delhi government launched Dekho Meri Dilli” app for tourists, to help tourists plan their complete tour of Delhi. It contains information about the historic and tourist spots of Delhi, eating joints, entertainment venues (and even toilets), with the option to locate the ones within 5 km of their location. The app allows ticket booking and assists in planning city tours too. With this app, the Delhi Govt is aiming to increase the average time spent by a traveller in Delhi from 1.5 days to 2.5 days.

“Today we have launched an App which contains all the information about all historic and famous places of Delhi. It also has the feature of booking tickets. Anyone from Delhi or any tourist can use this App to plan their tour of Delhi.” – Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM

New / Renovated Tourist Spots 

  • Chandni Chowk – Delhi government inaugurated the newly developed Chandni Chowk market. A 1.4 km stretch from the Red Fort to the Fatehpuri Masjid crossing has been beautified. (See Section on Redevelopment of Chandni Chowk for more details.)
  • Signature Bridge – The Signature Bridge has become one of the major tourist attractions and Delhi Tourism is in the process of developing it further. It will have an all-glass viewing gallery with a capacity of 50 people. Four inclined lifts will take visitors to the top floor. 

Inclined lifts are commonly used in modern architecture but these being the first in the country (and in Delhi in particular), Delhi’s laws may have to be modified for it, leading to project delays.

  • Beautification of 5 Entry Points – With the aim of showcasing Delhi’s heritage and culture as and when travelers enter Delhi by road, the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation will beautify 5 entry points and 200 m of leading road stretches with sculptures and other installations like LED displays etc. 

The proposal was first made in 2018 but the project got delayed due to the Pandemic, and also due to approvals from the Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) which have now been obtained. 

The first phase will include 5 entry gates – the ones at Gurgaon Border, Tikri Kalan Border, Gazipur Border, Apsara Border and Anand Vihar border near Kaushambi. The rest will be taken up in the subsequent phases.

(Source: Times of India)

  • Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji Multi-Media Museum & Library –  The foundation stone was laid by Deputy CM Manish Sisodia on 25 Dec 2019 at Delhi Haat in Janakpuri, on the occasion of 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev.
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