In a letter addressed to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, Delhi Higher Education Minister Atishi has raised serious concerns about the functioning of 12 Delhi government-funded colleges affiliated with the University of Delhi. This letter by Minister Atishi outlines a range of irregularities and procedural lapses in the working of these colleges, amounting to significant financial mismanagement running into hundreds of crores from the public exchequer.

From unauthorized appointments to delayed payments, there is a long list of irregularities in these 12 colleges

Unauthorized Appointments: Colleges have created posts and engaged teaching and non-teaching staff without the requisite approvals.

Salary Discrepancies: Salaries worth several crores are being paid to individuals who were never appointed through established procedures.

Misappropriation of Funds: Unauthorised appropriation of funds from GIA-Salary to GIA-General.

Contractual Irregularities: Arbitrary and irregular payments towards sanitation & security services, allotment of canteen, and other contractual services.

Delayed Payments: Despite having substantial funds, many colleges have not prioritized timely salary and dues payments to staff.
Higher Education Minister Atishi expressed her concern and said, “These issues might be symptomatic of larger malpractices within these institutions.” She noted that, while affiliated with the University of Delhi, these colleges lack sufficient oversight from both the University and the Directorate of Higher Education of the Government of NCT Delhi, creating a governance vacuum.

To address this situation, Minister Atishi proposed two options for consideration

Providing potential solutions to the existing problem, the Higher Education Minister suggested that the Union Ministry of Education should consider de-affiliating the 12 colleges from the University of Delhi and empower the Delhi Government to designate them as a campus of either ‘Ambedkar University’ or ‘Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University.’ Full funding for these colleges would be provided by the GNCTD. Additionally, these colleges may have the opportunity to evolve into autonomous degree-granting institutions following the National Education Policy 2020.

Alternatively, if the colleges were to remain affiliated with the University of Delhi, the Government of India should assume direct responsibility for full funding. This financial support could be provided through the University Grants Commission (UGC) or the proposed Higher Education Grants Council (HEGC).

Higher Education Minister further stated that the education of students studying in these colleges is the priority of the Delhi Govt right now and it would like to take full responsibility of the colleges.

Concluding her letter Higher Education Minister Atishi said, “The problems with the aforementioned 12 colleges need a time-bound solution and action must be taken regarding same within the remaining months of the current financial year itself. We intend to work closely with the Ministry of Education, Government of India to find a lasting solution for effective governance of these 12 colleges so that they meet the aspirations of its students.”

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