International Recognition

  • “What New Delhi’s free clinics can teach America about fixing its broken health care system” – Washington Post article dated, 11th Mar 2016 (Link)
  • The Lancet, one of the oldest medical journals in the world – “Mohalla clinics win praise from Lancet journal” – Tribune India article dated 11th Dec 2016 (Link) (Image in tweet)
  • Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan – “Kofi Annan lauds AAP’s Mohalla Clinics project, suggests reforms” –  Hindustan Times article dated 27th Jan 2017 (Link)
  • Former Prime Minister of Norway, Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland – “Former Norway PM lauds Mohalla clinics at Bangkok conference” – Millennium Post article dated 2nd Feb 2017 (Link)
  • “Health Care in the Mohallas” – Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), 2017 (Link)
  • “Ban Ki-moon ‘deeply impressed’ by Delhi’s Mohalla Clinics project” – Times of India article dated 7th Sep 2018 (Link
  • The Elders visit a Mohalla clinic
  • The Elders visit a Polyclinic
  • Media Interaction with Elders
  • Rob Yates (Director, Global Health Programme, and Executive Director, Centre for Universal Health, at Chatham House, UK) lauds Delhi Government’s Mohalla Clinics and its UHC (Universal Health Care) model
  • “Going places: Harvard likely to study success story of Delhi’s mohalla clinics” – Times of India article dated 20th Nov 2019 (Link)
  • “Kejriwal model of dealing with the Corona pandemic is finding praise across the world, Ambassador of Switzerland also got impressed” – Millennium Post article dated 8th April 2021 (Link)

National Recognition 

  • “World famous Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty visited Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic, Todapur, on 19th Dec 2017 (Tweet)
  • Delhi’s Mohalla clinics should be emulated in all states: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw” – Times of India article dated 20th Feb 2020 (Link)

The “AAP Effect”

The following State governments and Political Parties have adopted AAP’s unique and transformational schemes in the Healthcare sector. 

(Note: Click on the tick marks below ( ) to read the news reports.)

State Govt Mohalla Clinic / Health model
Political PartiesMohalla Clinic / Health model


  • Central government wants to replicate the medicine ATM idea in 5 states –  Navbharat Times article dated 2nd Sep 2016 (Link)



Delhi Govt’s LNJP Hospital wins India Today Healthgiri Awards in the category of “Best Government Hospital Covid-19” – visuals below, and Tweet by Satyendar Jain, Delhi Health Minister, dated 2nd Oct 2021 on the right

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