National Recognition 

The “AAP Effect”

The following State governments and Political Parties have adopted AAP’s unique flagship schemes in Governance. 

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State Govt / Political PartyDoorstep Delivery of servicesDoorstep Delivery of rationsDelhi model of development
Andhra Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal
Political PartiesDoorstep Delivery of servicesDoorstep Delivery of rationsDelhi model of development
Mizoram’s ZPM



Delhi was awarded the “Best performing Small state in governance” by the India Today Group in the annual State of the States survey in November 2019.



  1. Delhi featured in the list of World’s Best Cities for 2021 and is the only Indian city to rank among the 100 best cities across the world. Delhi was placed in the 62nd position on this list. 


  1. Delhi topped the chart amongst the Union Territories in the Niti Aayog’s Innovation Index, the first ever innovation ranking of states, in October 2019. It also featured in the list of most efficient states/UTs in “translating inputs into output”.
  2. Delhi retained its top rank in its category of “UT and City States” in the 2nd edition of Niti Aayog’s Innovation Index in Jan 2021. Also, Delhi got the highest score of 46.6 among all states.



  1. Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee trashes the theory of limited government intervention to uplift poor.


  1. The Handout Myth – Freebies, handouts and other myths loved by income tax payers – Renuka Viswanathan, former IAS officer
  1. Cash transfer schemes in India: Bandwagon politics or smart economics? – Ashutosh Ranka
  1. The AAP government’s free power programme is good politics, better economics” – Akshay Marathe, former AAP spokesperson, currently studying Public Policy at Harvard University
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