Food and Civil Supplies Minister Shri Imran Hussain chaired a meeting with various Departments/agencies for the smooth celebration of the forthcoming religious event of Moharram. The meeting was attended by senior officers from the Revenue Department, Health, Fire Services, Forest, MCD, DJB, Horticulture, PWD, BSES, and Delhi Police. Members of religious committees were also present during the meeting. Various issues regarding adequate arrangements during the Moharram Tazia procession event were discussed.

Shri Hussain reviewed the preparedness for essential and emergency services, such as facilities for drinking water, provisions for ambulances and fire safety, security arrangements, and facilitation of Civil Defence Volunteers to ensure the smooth conduct of the Muharram procession.

Shri Hussain directed the officials to ensure adequate hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness on the roads and streets, particularly in the areas through which the procession would pass, such as from Nabi Karim Police Chowki, Qutub Road, Sadar Bazaar, Khari Bawali, Lal Kuan, Hauz Qazi, and Jama Masjid area.

Shri Hussain further directed PWD and MCD officials to repair and maintain roads in these areas to make them commuter-friendly. The PWD and the MCD were instructed to expedite the works for the maintenance of roads, including repairing potholes and footpaths. The concerned officials were also instructed to ensure the pruning of tree branches along the procession route to avoid inconvenience.

Shri Hussain issued necessary instructions for the deployment of an adequate number of Mobile ambulances with medical teams in the area. He directed the concerned officers to set up toilet blocks at the Moharram procession route.

He further instructed BSES to ensure that no low-lying wires should be hanging in the area, and the procession routes shall be proactively inspected to ensure the proper safety of residents and the procession. Directions were also issued for the restoration of defunct street lights/ mast lights and the installation of additional street lights in all areas along the procession route and where prayers will be held.

Additionally, Shri Hussain directed DJB and MCD officials to expedite drainage maintenance work on a regular and priority basis to avoid waterlogging and ensure the disposal of filth in the area, especially in view of the ensuing festive season. Shri Hussain emphasised that adequate arrangements for water tankers should also be ensured for those participating in the Taazia procession.

Shri Hussain directed Delhi Police and the area SDM to ensure sufficient deployment of Police personnel and Civil Defence volunteers in the area for the smooth observance of the upcoming Moharram on the 28th & 29th of July. Instructions were also given to the Delhi Traffic Police to prepare and work out a traffic plan for the days of Muharram and make necessary arrangements to ensure smooth traffic in the area. Necessary instructions were also issued to the Fire services department for placing adequate fire tenders along the procession route and should remain prepared to deal with any eventuality.

Shri Hussain emphasised the importance of the department and agencies concerned performing their assigned tasks pertaining to the hassle-free provision of public services during the Moharram event in a professional manner.

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