The Aam Aadmi Party lashed out at the Delhi LG over his willful negligence in handling Delhi’s law & order situation. AAP Senior Leader and Delhi Minister Ms Atishi expressed her concerns at the rising crime graph of the national capital. She said that it is outrageous that even the courts, which are supposed to be a highly-protected area, are not spared from incidents like firing in broad daylight. In such a situation instead of taking responsibility for law and order in Delhi, LG is busy taking credit for the work done by the Kejriwal Government, she added.

Ms Atishi said, “The law and order situation in Delhi needs immediate attention after today’s incident. Even the court premises are not safe. The graph of crime is rising in Delhi, but instead of paying attention to the situation of law and order, the LG is busy garnering credit for the work done by the Kejriwal government. It is my request to the LG that his responsibility is to improve Delhi’s security and law and order, he should fulfill his responsibility and give the people of Delhi a safe city.”

Ms. Atishi continued, “Women have never been safe in the country’s capital. But today, in broad daylight, a woman was shot three times in the Saket court premises. This is a very shameful incident for the whole country that has happened today in the capital.” She added that in any city, the court premises are one of the most secure places where there are metal detectors-scanners at the entry and exit gates, police forces are deployed, no one can enter without checking, and despite such high security, a woman is shot in Delhi’s Saket court. This is an extremely shameful incident.”

The AAP leader further added that this is not the first such incident in the national capital. This shows that the crime rate in Delhi is at its peak. She also shared a report on crimes that happened in the national capital in the past week. “3 bullets were fired at the victim in Saket Court. This is not the first such incident in this city. This type of incident is being seen in Delhi every day,” Ms. Atishi said.

She said that the atmosphere in Delhi has become such that people are neither safe inside their homes nor outside their homes nor even in places like the courts. “Who is responsible for such a situation of law and order in Delhi and the crimes happening to women in broad daylight?”, questioned Ms. Atishi.

The AAP leader added that it is clearly mentioned in our constitution that Delhi LG is responsible for maintaining law and order in the national capital but he is not fulfilling that too. “I would like to question LG that if he boasts so much about being on the ground, then what has he done in the past one year to upgrade the security of people in the national capital?”, she asked.

She said that the LG is only concerned about disrupting the work of the Kejriwal government, be it stopping the work of schools, stopping teachers from going to Finland, tests in clinics, stopping the salary of doctors at clinics, or pensions of the elderly. Along with this, he is desperately busy taking credit for all the good governance work done by the Kejriwal government and getting his pictures clicked.

Urging the LG to pay attention to law and order in Delhi, the AAP leader said, “I would like to request the LG that the Constitution has given him the responsibility to make Delhi a safe city for people by maintaining law and order. He must focus on that instead of taking credit for the Kejriwal government’s work.”

It is to be noted that the video footage of the incident that took place in Delhi District Court at Saket was also shown during the press conference, where it was clearly visible that a person was firing shots continuously at a woman inside the court premises in broad daylight. The victim was severely injured in the attack and rushed to the hospital.

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