Congress Party and self-proclaimed Socialist Siddaramaiah have exposed themselves to the people of Karnataka by welcoming a man who is well known for large scale corruption in the NICE scam, mining baron infamous for his rude behaviour and a guy who foulmouthed journalists, the South Bidar Legislator Ashok Kheny.

The man who spoke ill about farmers, who committed suicide, insulted journalists by showing wads of currency notes, insulted a national level lady journalist by using unprintable words, who broke all contract terms of NICE and constructed asphalt roads when the agreement was for concrete roads. The Congress party has welcomed a guy who is involved in illegal encroachments and carrying bags full of scams on his back.

Siddaramaiah who took out a Jatha in Bellary against the Mining Mafia has already given shelter to Anand Singh and with the joining of Ashok Kheny, it will not be a surprise if he will soon be seen welcoming Janardhan Reddy himself.

During his own tenure, Siddaramaiah seems to have forgotten the T.B.Jayachandra led house committee investigation on Nice and other scams, which had in its 392 page report had explained the depth and width of the scam and also recommended Rs.580 cr penalty. Minister T B Jayachandra had roared in the house on that day but today he is forced to hug the same man shamelessly instead of sending him to jail. This proves that Congress is party which loves thieves, dacoits, criminals and corrupt people.

Congress has openly attracted a anti farmer, anti-people, anti-journalist person, just because he is flush with cash. Aam Aadmi Party requests the people of Karnataka to teach a proper lesson to the Congress in the upcoming elections and save our democratic values.

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