Competitive Entrance Exam Results

JEE 2020

  • 53 students qualified in IIT JEE Advance 2020
  • 443 students cleared the IIT Main 2020

NEET 2020

  • 569 students qualified in NEET 2020 (67%, i.e. 379 of those qualified are girls)

NEET 2021

  • 496 students qualified in NEET 2021
  • 2 top scorers were from Delhi government schools

CBSE Results

CBSE 12 Examinations

For the first time in the history of Delhi, Government schools got a result of 98% in the CBSE Class 12 Examinations in 2020.

(Source: Pg. 37, DDC Performance Report 2020)

There has been a steady improvement in the results, as indicated by the CBSE Quality Index, in the CBSE Class 12 Examinations under the AAP government.

(Source: Pg. 38, DDC Performance Report 2020)

The CBSE Quality Index increased further to 350.8 in 2021.

The number of Delhi government schools with 100% results in Class 12 has increased from 130 in 2016 to 875 in 2021.

(Source: Times of India)

CBSE 10 Examinations

At Class 10 level, the pass percentage of Govt. schools was 97.52% in 2021 as compared to 82.61% of the previous year – an 11% improvement.

A total of 750 schools recorded a 100 per cent pass percentage in 2021. This is an increase of around 5 times as compared to the previous year.

Migration from Private to Government Schools

  • There was an impressive reverse swing with 6,000 children from private schools joining Delhi government schools during the period 2015 to 2019. (Source: DDC document 2019-2020, Page 10) 
  • As of Aug 2021, more than 2 lakh students have applied for admission from private schools to Delhi Government schools in the last few years.

“After the new admissions, the enrolment in government schools is now 17.67 lakh [1.76 million] for the session 2021-22, from 16.28 lakh [1.62 million] in the previous academic session, which is also higher than the 15.05 lakh [1.5 million] in 2019-20,” – Delhi Education department (Link)

In-service Training for Teachers

In service training was given to 91,663 Teachers & Vice Principals by SCERT in 2019-2020. (Source: Status report of Outcome Budget 2019-2020)

One-on-One Counseling for Students

In Govt. senior secondary schools of DoE, out of approximately 1.64 lakh students of  class 12, approximately 1.09 lakh students were given one-on-one counselling through EVGCs (educational and vocational guidance counsellors) in 2020-2021. This helped children and parents make an informed choice of career.

Connectivity during COVID-19

More than 95% students stayed connected with studies in spite of the disruptions due to Covid-19.

“Reviewed status of online classes with Team Education today.Repeated school closures have been challenging but bcos of the team’s untiring efforts, more than 95% of our students have stayed connected with their studies through online classes and worksheets” – Tweet by Manish Sisodia, Delhi Dy CM and Education Minister (Link)

(Source: Tweet by Manish Sisodia, 20/01/2022)

Happiness Curriculum

88 lakh students had benefited from it by March 2020. (Source: Status Report of Outcome Budget: 2019-2020) 

Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum

Around 7 lakh students, till Dec 2019 benefitted. As part of this program, till 2019, there were 2,695 Entrepreneur Interactions done, covering 2,33,362 students in 805 schools,

Business Blasters

This is said to be the world’s largest start-up program, involving 3 lakh students, 51000 business ideas and 60 crore seed capital from the AAP Delhi Government.

Mentoring Program

In 2021, 1000 girls of Class 11, 12 from Delhi government schools benefitted from the Mentoring Programme on STEM and engineering careers for girl students. They were mentored by 250 girl students studying Engineering at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University (IGDTUW).

Chunauti 2018 (remedial classes with special emphasis on Class 9)

(Source: Page 31, DDC Performance Report, 2015-2019)

MISSION BUNIYAAD (a 3 month remedial course in April 2018 for Classes 3 to 8, to bridge grade level gaps)  

(Source: Page 32, DDC Performance Report, 2015-2019)

Outcomes in Sports

Increased participation in Sports related activities

Mission Excellence Scheme

Some Beneficiaries: Ravi Kumar Dahiya, Silver medallist, Tokyo Olympics, 2020 and Abhishek Verma, Gold medallist, Archery, World Cup, 2021. 

117 sportspersons benefitted in 2019, including cash incentive, diet, equipment, participation in tournaments. 

Play and Progress Scheme

  • 307 players have been selected, as on 22/1/2021. 
  • In the year 2018-19, under this scheme, 357 school players were given an incentive amount of 8.72 crore.
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