The Kejriwal Government’s Education Revolution will now be extended to MCD schools as well. Working towards fulfilling CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s vision to provide access to quality education to every child in Delhi, the Directorate of Education (DoE) and MCD schools will now work together. Education Minister Ms. Atishi and MCD Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi held a joint meeting with officials of the DoE, MCD, and SCERT to review the action plan of both departments for the upcoming session.

During the review meeting, Education Minister Ms Atishi said, “To deliver quality education to every child in Delhi, DoE and the Delhi Government’s Municipal Corporation (MCD) will work in an integrated manner. Global training of Delhi government school teachers played a vital role in Delhi’s Education Revolution. Now, there is a need to prepare a roadmap for international-level training of teachers of MCD schools as well. With the help of this training, our MCD school teachers will gain self-confidence and receive world-class exposure, which will enable them to provide good quality education to the children studying in their schools.”

Speaking of teacher training, Ms. Atishi directed the officials of SCERT to prepare a joint action plan for the training of teachers of DoE schools as well as MCD schools. Along with this she also directed the officials to hold joint orientation of principals from DoE and MCD schools. This will create an excellent opportunity for both to learn from the best practices of each other. Every year, lakhs of children from MCD schools are admitted to Delhi government schools in Class 6. It is important to understand the educational needs of these children, which requires joint training of the Delhi government and MCD school teachers. This training will not only help in the professional development of teachers from both departments but will also be an opportunity for teachers to understand the challenges that they face, together.

During the meeting, the Education Minister further directed the DoE, MCD and SCERT to form a Joint Action Group together that will work in the areas of content and curriculum development, assessment and teacher training for children.

On this occasion, Delhi Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi said, “Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi government schools have undergone a remarkable transformation in the past 8 years. Taking inspiration from these changes, we will transform the MCD schools into world-class schools and work towards providing quality education to every child. Now MCD and Delhi government schools will work together, which will benefit lakhs of children in Delhi.”

It is to be noted that in this joint meeting, Delhi Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi, MCD Commissioner Shri Gyanesh Bharti, Shri Ashok Kumar, Education Secretary in the Delhi government, Shri Himanshu Gupta, Education Director (DOE), Shri Vikas Tripathi, Education Director (MCD), Smt. Rita Sharma, Director of SCERT, and Principal Education Advisor Shri Shailendra Sharma were also present along with other officials from the Education Department, MCD, and SCERT.

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