Kejriwal government’s Delhi Model Virtual School (DMVS) held its first annual day “IMPRINTS- A Mark Leaving Journey” on Wednesday. The unique feature of the celebration was that like DMVS classes, the annual day was also held virtually. The Education Minister Ms Atishi participated in the event as the chief guest and motivated the students and DMVS team to take this unique initiative further to lakhs of children across the country.

The annual day event was joined by students from nearly 14 states who gave various cultural performances virtually. While congratulating the students of the first batch and their parents, the Education Minister said, “During the pandemic-induced lockdown, the education system was paralyzed across the countries including that of India. Schools were shut indefinitely, and learning effectively stopped. Many Delhi government school students had to travel back to their native states. Back then, the online mode of learning took an important place in students’ life.”

Ms. Atishi added that during that time CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal and the then Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia came up with the idea that if students had to migrate out of the city, then the Delhi model of Education should be taken to them virtually. Hence, DMVS came into existence and today, students from all over the country are part of this one-of-a-kind school in India. This is the first batch of students from all over the country to attend a ’virtual’ school. This is historic.

Along with all other students across India, who want to take benefit of the Delhi Education Model, this unique school is also beneficial for children who are struggling with some kind of medical issues and are unable to move out. “Testimonial of a student with a disability shared during the annual day event is proof that the Delhi government is moving ahead in the right direction to provide quality education to children of the country. Any student, regardless of background and circumstances, can access the Delhi Education Model now,” said Education Minister Ms. Atishi.

It is to be noted that the Delhi Model Virtual School was started last year with a batch of students from 14 states including Karnataka, Goa, Odisha, Kerala, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, UP and Delhi. In the current academic year 2022-23, more than 300 live classes have been conducted, 100+ tutorials have been produced, 60+ mentoring sessions and 200+ assignments have been completed.

Experience of students in DMVS

“I am doing a part-time job right now to support my family, which I can’t leave. But at the same time, I want to study too. DMVS has helped me continue my studies. With the learnings from this unique school, I aim to work hard and earn better.”

  • Muhammad Ali, Class 9

“Due to my physical disability, I cannot move out of my house. In such a situation DMVS has helped me pursue my dream to study further. I can study here by being in my own comfort zone.”

  • Samaniya Nadeem, Class 9

“I am from a small village in Madhya Pradesh. Regular classes are not possible because the school is located very far. DMVS is helping me continue my studies by staying at home.”

  • Chaaya Kushwah, Class 9

What is DMVS?

Delhi Model Virtual School (DMVS), is a full-time regular online school that strives to provide excellent education to students remotely through personalised teaching-learning and the use of cutting-edge technology. DMVS carries the hallmarks of a regular Delhi government school, namely, students, teachers, regular teaching-learning activities, assessments, and most importantly, providing a comprehensive and interactive virtual environment to its students. DMVS caters to the different needs of all students who have constraints i attending a physical school. DMVS is appropriate for students who work 8 – 10 hours a day, are pursuing other passions (art/sports), have familial responsibilities, want to experience the Delhi model of Education, cannot find their choice of subject in a physical school, have a physical disability/chronic illness or prefer online education.

Special Features of DMVS

-> First regular virtual school in India
-> DBSE accredited syllabus
-> Certification course option along with regular studies
-> Holistic learning experience by integrating live classes, recorded sessions, assignments and assessments, curated videos, tutorials, and personalized mentor sessions
-> Special assemblies conducted by resource persons, parents, students
-> Virtual SMC formed with 12 parent members
-> Parent Connect

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