When the AAP government came to power, they raised the Education budget steeply, increasing the allocation by 106% over that of the previous government’s budget.

Budget Expenditure as a % of total budget:

The AAP Delhi government spent 26% of its total budget on Education in 2019-2020.

(Source: DDC Performance Report 2015-2019)

(Note:  The average of all the states for proportion of total budget spent in Education has remained more-or-less steady in the 14-16% range ever since 2008-2009 and was 15% in 2019-2020.)

Delhi spends the highest on education. The proportion of budget allocated to education was 26.1% in 2020-21.

Delhi has allocated 25.2% of its total expenditure for education in 2021-22. This is significantly higher than the average allocation (15.8%) for education by all states (2020-21 BE). (Source: PRS India’s Delhi Budget Analysis 2021-2022).

(Source: State of State Finances: 2021-22)

Budget Expenditure in crores:

The expenditure on Education between 2014-2015 and 2019-2020 grew from 6,600 crore to 15,600 crore under the AAP government, with the annual rate of growth in these 5 years being 19% as against 12% in the previous 6 years.

 (Source: DDC Performance Report 2015-2019)

According to the Delhi Economic Survey Report of March 2021,

  • The total expenditure on education, including sports, arts and culture, increased from Rs 6,555 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 15,102 crore in 2020-21.

Expenditure per student

The expenditure incurred by the Delhi government per student annually on education has increased from Rs 50,812 in 2016-17 to Rs 78,082 in 2020-21. (Source:  Delhi Economic Survey Report)

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