In 2015, when AAP came to power, this was the situation of the Education sector in Delhi:

  • Decades of neglect had left Delhi government school infrastructure in deep disrepair – with students and teachers having to spend their day in inhumane conditions 
  • Severe shortage of rooms and teachers
  • Morale & motivation of teachers and principals at an all-time low 
  • Poor learning and literacy levels amongst students, with 3 out of 4 students in Class 6 unable to even read their textbooks

Now, in 2021, after AAP:

  • Modernizing Infrastructure: Fixing acute shortage of classrooms, building schools of excellence with world class facilities 
  • Teacher Training: Capacity building of teaching staff and principals 
  • Accountability & Transparency: Making school administration accountable and admissions transparent 
  • Improving Learning outcomes through interventions such as Chunauti, Mission Buniyaad, the acclaimed Happiness Curriculum, Deshbhakti and Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC).
  • Setting up High-Quality Higher Education Institutes: Delhi Skills & Entrepreneurship University, Teacher’s University and Sports University set up.
Before 2015Now% changeData SourceGraph
Annual allocation of yearly education budget2008 to 2014:
2014 to 2022:
7 percentage points increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 5)Total Exp
enditure on Education
Yearly education expenditure as % of aggregate expenditure2008: 14%
2014: 16%
2021-2022: 25%

(National average (2021-2022):16%)
7 percentage points increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 7)Education expenditure percentage
CBSE Class 12 Pass Percentage88.1%2021: 99.9%
(Private Delhi schools: 99.7% ;
National (2020): 88.8%)
11.8 percentage points increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 46)Class-12 results versus private and national average
CBSE Class 10 Pass Percentage2019: 71.58%
2020: 82.61%
11.03 percentage points increase in just 1 yearStatus Report of Outcome Budget (2020-2021) (Page 8)
Number of new schools built2015-2021: 26
new schools built
& 21 new
schools under construction(as
of Mar 2022)
DDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 9)New schools built
Number of classrooms 2015:
87% increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 9)New classrooms built
SCR – student-classroom ratio62:144:1

(Adding under-construction classrooms at end-2021: 33:1)
29% improvement
(Planned: 47% improvement)
DDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 9)New classrooms built
Teacher vacancies18,7395,66670% decreaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2019): Education (Page 15)Teacher vacancies
No. of govt school teachers37,15458,35857% increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2019): Education (Page 15)No. of govt school teachers
No. of teachers undergoing training annually2014-2015: 34,0002020-2021: 1,17,000244% increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 18)Teachers attending training
Annual Teacher training budget2014-2015:
7.4 crore
43.3 crore
485% increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 18)Teacher training budget
No. of teachers/Principals trained abroad1407DDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 18)
No. of teachers/Principals trained abroad
Subsidy for School Uniforms per studentRs 500-900Rs 1100-1400app. 79% increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 28)School uniform subsidy per student
Budget for libraries1.7 crore9 crore429% increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 28)Budget for libraries
Students who could read their grade-level text books2015: 
After Mission Chunauti:
15 percentage points improvementDDC Performance Report (2015-2019): Education (Page 31)Chunauti 2018 – before and after
Students who could solve their grade-level Maths problems2015: 
After Mission Chunauti:
17 percentage points improvementDDC Performance Report (2015-2019): Education (Page 31)Chunauti 2018 – before and after
Merit scholarships offered to students scoring 80%+2015: Rs. 2000 (income limit 2 lakhs)2021: Rs. 2500 (no income limit)25% increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 28)
Merit scholarship offered
Enrolment in government schools2015: 15.15 lakh2021: 17.672.5 lakh joined from private to government schoolsDDC Performance Report (2015-2021): Education (Page 48)
Enrolment in government schools
No. of  EWS/DG quota admissions in govt schools2015 – no data managed by previous govt2015-2016 (AAP govt): 13,500
2019-2020:app. 36,000
166% increase in 4 years within the AAP termDDC Performance Report (2015-2019): Education (Page 40)No. of EWS/DG quota admissions in govt schools
EW/DG quota seats fill rate2015 – no data managed by previous govt2018-2019:76% (AAP govt

(Schools under
BJP-run MCDs:
East – 5%
South – 12%
North – 34%)
DDC Performance Report (2015-2019): Education (Page 40)EWS/DG admissions – Government vs MCD schools
Participation in National Games2,4684,19470% increaseDDC Performance Report (2015-2019): Education (Page 12)

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