The Kejriwal Government is setting up 200 Kanwar Camps across the city. On Friday, Revenue Minister Ms. Atishi reviewed the preparations for the largest camp being set up by the government at Maharaja Agrasen Park, Kashmere Gate. During the visit, Revenue Minister Ms. Atishi emphasized the need to ensure all necessary amenities for Kanwariyas at the Kanwar camp, so that devotees of Lord Shiva do not face any inconvenience. She said, “Serving Shiva devotees during the sacred month of Sawan is an act of virtue and devotion. In this direction, the Kejriwal government is fulfilling its responsibility by providing all the necessary facilities to the Kanwariyas.”

Kanwar camp at Kashmere Gate is the largest of all camps being set up in the city and can accommodate up to 10,000 Kanwariyas. It also has a grand spacious dining hall for Kanwariyas to receive prasad.

While reviewing the preparations, Ms. Atishi said, “For the past 8 years, the Kejriwal government has been setting up camps for the convenience of Kanwariyas during the sacred month of Sawan. This year, 200 Kanwar camps are being set up across Delhi, where all necessary facilities will be available for the Kanwariyas. This includes water-proof tents, accommodation arrangements, clean water, toilets, and other provisions. Special stands are provided to keep the Kanwars (sacred pitchers).” She added that medical facilities are also available at every Kanwar camp with doctors and nurses present to provide immediate treatment if needed. Local dispensaries have been linked to the camps for the convenience of Kanwariyas. CATS ambulances have been included for any emergency situation. Hospitals have been instructed to make special arrangements for the treatment of Kanwariyas.

Ms. Atishi directed officials and district administrations to be on alert and ensure all the facilities and security to the Kanwariyas.

It is to be noted that the Kejriwal Government sets up camps every year for Kanwariyas travelling to Haridwar. These camps provide all the necessary facilities for Kanwariyas to rest and stay comfortably. This year, the Kejriwal government is organizing approximately 200 Kanwar camps in Delhi. A total of 85 camps are being set up in in East Delhi, North East Delhi and Shahadra Districts which serve as entry and exit points for the Kanwariyas.

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