Deputy CM directs rolling out of pilot project on Entrepreneurship curriculum by April  

  •        Shri Sisodia gives the target of July for this curriculum in classes IX-XII in Delhi govt schools
  • Entrepreneurship curriculum concept note released by the Deputy CM
  • Basic trainings to be completed during summer vacation in May-June

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia on Friday directed the Education Department to roll out the pilot project for Entrepreneurship Curriculum in classes IX-XII of government schools from April next year (2019).

Shri Sisodia has directed that basic trainings be conducted during Summer Vacations and subsequently the Entrepreneurship Curriculum in all schools for Class IX to XII be launched in the first week of July, 2019.

The detailed directions issued by the Deputy Chief Minister are as follows :

  • Director SCERT to set up a working group having faculties of SCERT/DIET, Principals or Teachers of DoE and external experts/practitioners. This group should be empowered to engage the services of other experts and pay the remunerations to them as per SCERT’s norm.
  • SCERT Delhi to organize a conference in January 2019 where it should invite organizations and individuals, working in this area. To present their ideas of Entrepreneurship curriculum as per our recommended framework to the working Group.
  • Inform the public about the launch of the curriculum and invitation of ideas/models for SCERT’s conference within a week. Give a dedicated email ID to receive the inputs and assign someone from the working group to compile the inputs.
  • Based on the content developed by the working group, the pilot curriculum shall be rolled out from April 2019 onwards.

The curriculum will be based on a four-fold framework:

  • Inspire- through stories and case studies of entrepreneurial journeys
  • Educate- through self designed micro research
  • Involve- through local community
  • Facilitate- by supporting in developing ideas into projects

Through this curriculum the effort would be to raise the aspiration and build the mindset for problem solving and decision making among children. Emphasis would be on Personality Development, Communication, planning, etc.( A detailed concept note is attached with this release).

Shri Sisodia said :“Unemployment is one of the biggest problems being faced by our country. Every time when there is some job vacancy, even if at IV Grade, we see thousands of MBAs, Engineers even PhDs., apply for the post.”

He said :“I personally see this as a problem interlinked with education and not merely as an unemployment problem. The problem with education is that in all schools and colleges, we are giving education to our next generation just to seek jobs. I personally have asked the students in various schools and colleges that ‘how many of you want to do job’ and ‘how many of you want to become entrepreneur’. In 99.9% cases, I have found that every student is studying for job.”

The Deputy Chief Minister said the biggest question today is where are the job providers ?  “I have seen entrepreneurship programmes being carried out at various levels in some Universities and Schools but they are treating entrepreneurship as a skill and not as a mind set. That is why, despite so many programmes at various levels, we have not been able to produce entrepreneurship mind set who will ultimately become job providers in the society. This is a big lacuna,” Mr Sisodia said.

The Deputy Chief Minister said when in our country everybody is being taught to be good a job seeker, then it is obvious that countries like America and European nations would continue to remain job providers. “Our best brains are working to serve their companies. The hard work by best brains being produced in our country is giving economic benefits to those countries where their employers are from,” he said.

“ If we can produce large-scale entrepreneurs in our country then they will not only solve the problem of unemployment but also will help the economy grow very fast,” the Deputy Chief Minister stated.

“Hence, to take the reforms initiated in the schools of Delhi over the last four years to the next level, we would like to introduce the Entrepreneurship Curriculum for the students of Classes 9 to 12 from the beginning of next academic year,” Shri Sisodia said.


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