7th January, New Delhi

Dy. CM Manish Sisodia inaugurates 7 day Mega Book Fair for Delhi govt schools today.

Mega Book Fair-II (2018-19) is being organised at GBSSS, Mukharjee Nagar, (1309003), Delhi from 07th January 2019 to 14th January 2019 for all the Govt. Schools of the Directorate of Education to procure books for their School Libraries. Hon’ble Dy. CM and MoE inaugurated the Mega Book Fair – II on 7th of January 2019 at GBSSS Mukharjee Nagar, Delhi.
Till 2016-17, each school was making its purchase of books year after year as per their own choice. There was no mechanism to ensure standardization of quality books across schools.

Therefore an urgent need was felt to change the procedure and adopt a transparent method aimed at procuring quality books for all Govt school Libraries of the Directorate of Education. A need to standardize the quality of books being purchased across 1024 schools of the Directorate of Education was recognized.
Speaking at the inauguration, Hon’ble Dy CM & Education Minister Manish Sisodia said, *“For the first time, we are spending 8 crores rupees to refill our libraries with engaging books. We need to realize that different degrees of inclination to read in individuals comes from what school, someone would just look at the newspaper, someone would read only the headlines, while some also read the long editorials. Libraries will need to evolve to become ‘provocative’ for kids, the displays should provoke a desire to read. For optimum usage of this opportunity, I’d suggest that Principals have discussions with the teachers & the students on what kind of books are needed in their school libraries.”*

Since 2017-18, a three tier Library System is prevalent in all the Govt schools under Directorate of Education. The three tier structure for Libraries Govt schools is as follows:-

a) A Classroom Library in each and every Pre- Primary & Primary section.

b) Separate Middle School Library for classes VI to VIII in 400 select schools.

c) The existing Main libraries to cater to all the Students of classes VI-XII.

From 2017-18, the allocation of Budget for purchase of Books for school libraries has undergone a manifold increase from Rs.1.70 crores to nearby 8 crores rupees.

The procurement process for 2018-19 has now begun.

a) An allocation of Rs. 7.84 crores for different library types in all schools of DOE has been made.

b) This year books will be procured for 4463 Primary Classroom Libraries for an amount of Rs 4.46 crores.

c) 50% of the allocation for classes IX to XII will be used for books of Subject Reading .The list of such books recommended by official Committees set up for the purpose are being referred to by Schools.

d) 50% of the allocation will be spent on books of General Reading. A public Notice was released and a total of 638 publishers submitted 16661 books in five different levels i.e. Pre- Primary, Primary, VI-VIII, Secondary and Senior Secondary classes for General Readings in English, Hindi, Sanskrit Punjabi and Urdu.

Thereafter, Library Technical Committee of the Directorate of Education scrutinised the books on the basis of a pre-determined set of parameters. 4307 Books of 111 publishers have since been selected by the Library Technical Committee. These books are on display at the Mega Book Fair -II (2018-19).

The Heads of Schools accompanied by the Library Purchase Committee will visit the Fair and select their own basket of books.

Schools will place their demand Publisher wise/Title wise/copies wise on the Online Module especially created for the purpose.The publishers will then supply the books to the respective schools at their doorstep.

Payments will be released to the Publishers once books are delivered as per requirement of each school.

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