*Rolling back no-detention a welcome move, but we should reintroduce it after having a full proof systemic change in education sector: Manish Sisodia*

*Our classroom teachings are captive of questions asked in last five years. Learning outcomes can be only ensured by changing our examination system: Manish Sisodia*

*High time we make changes to our NCERT books with changing times & challenges: Manish Sisodia*

Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister of Delhi Mr. Manish Sisodia suggested several reforms in the education sector while speaking at the 56th General Council Meeting of the NCERT.

He congratulated the Union Government for rolling back the no-detention policy, but at the same time he said that it should be re-introduced but with full preparations.

“I welcome rollback of the no-detention policy by the government. But the approach is partial and as a nation we must say that we will re-introduce it with full preparations. Let’s prepare for 10-years to re-introduce it. Make the necessary changes in our curriculum, teaching systems, train our teachers and do things required to implement it properly. Make it a reverse project and set a deadline for both preparations and implementation,” said the Delhi Education Minister.

Our government sets learning outcomes for the curriculum taught in our schools. Like if a chapter is introduced in the curriculum or text book of a certain class, the learning outcome is defined. But unfortunately these learning outcomes have been limited to wishful thinking because the ultimate teaching that is taking place in our classes is not based on learning outcomes but is based on examination outcomes. The teacher who is teaching the subject does not keep learning outcomes in mind and rather his or her mindset becomes captive of the questions asked in last five years in the subject. We must change the approach towards the exams and teaching techniques; they should be based on learning outcome, added Mr. Sisodia.

“We also need to revisit out NCERT text books. Everything changes with time and the new challenges. Today, the challenges are not the same which were faced two decades ago, then why not redesign and change our curriculum according to the need of the time. We must make changes to our NCERT books so that our future, our kids are more equipped to excel in the world,” he said.

Mr. Manish Sisodia, as the education minister of Delhi, was one of the first to oppose the no-detention policy. After taking over as the Minister of Education of Delhi he wrote to the HRD Minister against the badly implemented policy.

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