*Reaction of AAP national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal on CBI director Mr Alok Verma issue:*

Modi government unleashed the CBI and Delhi Police on me so many times during last four years. I was subjected to raids and inquiries, so much so that more than 400 files of Delhi government were illegally seized by the Modi government.

I was not afraid at all of these raids and so-called probes since I had not indulged in any wrong doing even of a single paisa, even though they tried their level best to implicate me.

Now, when it has come to light that the Modi government wants to purchase Rafale fighter aircrafts at a very high price – the cost of one fighter aircraft is around Rs 600 crore and they want to purchase it at Rs 1600 crore per aircraft – meaning 36 fighter jets at an extra Rs 36,000 crore to the government exchequer.

This is what was to be probed by Mr Alok Verma, what was wrong if this had been probed ?

For this precise reason, the Prime Minister had put all his might in removing Mr Alok Verma as CBI director since last two months. Why ?

If the Prime Minister had done no wrong, what was the problem in letting the Rafale probe go on ?

Had the probe been conducted, everything would have become crystal clear to the country. What was the fear ? Using such might and removing somebody forcibly from his position is not good for the country. It will wreck the entire system.

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