Delhi Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Welfare of SC/STs, has written a letter to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi requesting immediate action to fill the backlog of 2078 vacancies for SC/ST communities in the Delhi Police through direct recruitment and promotions. Committee Chairman, Shri Vishesh Ravi’s, letter emphasizes the urgent need to fill these vacancies as people have been suffering due to this long-standing issue.

The Committee on Welfare of SC/STs requested data from the Delhi Police regarding backlogs of SC/ST vacancies. The data provided by the Delhi Police revealed a total of 2078 vacant positions across various categories: 151 Sub-Inspector positions, 22 Assistant Sub-Inspector positions, 383 Head Constable positions, 1452 Constable positions, and 70 Multi-Tasking Staff positions. This backlog has led to qualified SC/ST candidates being deprived of job opportunities that they deserve. The situation not only violates the principles of equality and social justice enshrined in our Constitution but also undermines efforts towards inclusive and diverse representation in our law enforcement agencies.

Through the letter Committee Chairman Shri Vishesh Ravi has also called for the provision of necessary resources and support to streamline the recruitment process, eliminate bureaucratic delays, and ensure transparency and fairness in the selection and promotion process. The Committee hopes that the Lieutenant Governor will take swift action to address this pressing issue and fill the backlog of vacancies for SC/ST communities in the Delhi Police. This would contribute towards building a more inclusive and equitable society.

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