Recognizing the invaluable contribution of teachers in shaping India’s future on the occasion of Teachers Day, CM Arvind Kejriwal and Dy CM Manish Sisodia conferred the prestigious Delhi State Teachers Award, 2017 to 91 teachers in a glittering ceremony organized by the AAP government at Thyagraj Stadium today.

CM Kejriwal and Dy CM Manish Sisodia welcomed

Watch Education Minister Manish Sisodia’s speech on the occasion:

Manish Sisodia यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, ५ सप्टेंबर, २०१७

CM Arvind Kejriwal also addressed the awardees and the audience. The Chief Minister Said that teachers are the torch bearers of knowledge and they shape and carve the future of the nation:

State teachers award 2017, Thyagraj Stadium, Delhi

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Arvind Kejriwal‎‏ في 5 سبتمبر، 2017

Apart from honouring 91 teachers which included 8 Head of School 58 Government Teachers, 19 private School teachers, 1 aided school teachers, 13 MCD school teachers for their invaluable services rendered towards nurturing of the young generation, 02 special awards were also given for appreciation and special efforts- 1st, Head of School, Ms Manisha for sensitively and comprehensively handling the Gas leak case in Tuglakabad was chosen and 2nd Sanskrit Teacher Shri Murari Jha.

Delhi government school children hosted the entire event

This year, the compering for the whole award ceremony was done by children themselves –showing their standard and confidence what they learnt.

The grand ceremony was witnessed with heart-warming performance by Voctronica apartfrom spectacular performance showcased by Prince Dance Group. The overwhelming cultural performance continued to reverberate and fill the stadium with music, as Rabbi Shergill soulful rendering captured the heart of multitudes present in the stadium.

Shri Kejriwal and Shri Sisodia awarded the teachers with shawl, memento, citation, cheque worth Rs. 25000/- each and congratulated them for their distinguished services and for their invaluable services of shaping our future.


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Akshay Marathe


    • madhu chadha

      how to apply state teacher award

    • Dr Ruchi Anand

      It was an emotional evening for me not only I along with a colleague of mine was getting the award two of my students Hiteshi and Ritik were anchoring and they did a wonderful job. Proud of them RPVV Yamuna Vihar Rockes

    • Saurabh Sinha

      Giving awards to teachers in recognition of their services rendered for the noble cause acts as an incentive to work with vigor and boosts their morale. It will encourage them to work with enhanced capacity towards nation building.

    • D K Raghu

      My congratulations to all teachers who won the award

    • Keshav Agarwal

      Great! Students organizing the event. This will make them good leaders in the future. We generally mistake leaders relating political class. But leaders are required in every sphere of life, be it family, society, work place or business.

    • John Ferns

      AAP must also give Yearly Award To “BEST GOVERNMENT OFFICERS OF THE YEAR”
      (This Award should be given to an Honest Government Officers).

    • S. N. Vichare

      Dear Sir,
      Thank you very much for honoring the Gurus and making the event such a grand success. I do not know how the teachers are selected for award in Delhi but I can talk about Karnataka where I stay. The teacher himself/herself has to apply for award followed by a lot of lobbying . As a result most deserving teachers stay away as they consider it insult to apply for any award. The Government should set up a committee and they themselves should short list the deserving teachers. Any common man will agree with this. The teachers who are expert in “juggad” get the award. I believe you must have a different way of selecting teachers for state award.


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