Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia presented today the “Outcome Report of the Office of the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor Government of NCT of Delhi”, a white paper to hold the institution of the LG accountable to the people. In the past, the Delhi government has taken several steps to hold the Government accountable, such as the Outcome Budget and the Timeline Budget. The LG Outcome Report was presented to ensure that this institution remains accountable to the people of Delhi.

The full copy of the report is available here: LG Outcome Report

Watch the full video of Dy CM Sisodia’s speech presenting the report:

Watch : Manish Sisodia Live on Report Card of Lg's Office

Watch : Manish Sisodia Live on Report Card of Lg's Office

Aam Aadmi Party यांनी वर पोस्ट केले बुधवार, ४ एप्रिल, २०१८


The hallmark of a democracy is accountability to the people. Elected representatives and all government officials are custodians of public money, and therefore they must be accountable to those very people. In our democracy, elected representatives are directly accountable to the people through elections. And the bureaucracy is accountable to these elected representatives.

The Government of NCT of Delhi is committed in its accountability to the people of Delhi. Two major steps have been taken towards this end: one, an ‘Outcome Budget’ prepared in the Financial Year 2017-18 and an Outcome Report Card of the same presented to the Delhi Assembly in the Budget session; two, a ‘Timeline Budget’ presented with the Budget for the Financial Year 2018-19 where timelines for all major projects were laid down. Both these steps have been to ensure that all Departments of the government are accountable to the people of Delhi, through their elected representatives.

Every institution within a democracy must be accountable to the people. An important institution within the governance structure of Delhi is the institution of the Lieutenant Governor (LG). Even though the Hon’ble LG is appointed by the Central Government, his decisions have an impact on how public money is spent and how public policies are made. It is therefore important that the institution of the Lieutenant Governor should be accountable to the people of Delhi.

As a step in ensuring the accountability of the institution of the Lieutenant Governor to the citizens of Delhi, the Government of NCT of Delhi is tabling this white paper on the ‘Outcomes of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor’ in the Delhi Assembly, before the elected representatives of this city. As per the current legal position, the Hon’ble LG has two major functions with respect to public money of the people of Delhi: one, all major policy decisions of the elected Government of NCT of Delhi have to be approved by the Hon’ble LG; two, all service matters related to recruitments, promotions and filling of posts of all departments of the Government of NCT of Delhi are within the purview of the Hon’ble LG.

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Akshay Marathe


    • John Ferns

      Corrupt Government Officials should be Terminated and not suspended due to these Corrupt Government Officials after suspended goes abroad and enjoy with the Corrupt Money and rejoin from the back door after foreign trip.

    • John Ferns

      BJP+Congress+MGP wanted Goa to Merge with Maharashtra but Thanks GOD, HE sent Dr. Jack Sequeira to Save Goa from Merging into Maharashtra. Dr. Jack conducted Opinion Poll and Won the Election and GOA got Statehood. God has sent Arvind Kejriwal for the people of Delhi. All Delhi people should stand with AK and conduct Opinion Poll and Win and get Statehood for Delhi. All 7 MPs Seats and all 70 MLAs Seats will go for AAP and Delhi will become No.1 State in India. All The Best. God Bless Delhi people.

    • Binay Mahanta

      Hi, The sound in the video seems to be overlapped by other sounds; probably sound of another video. So it’s not clearly audible.
      This is a good step in ensuring making the Delhi LG accountable to the people. However I’d request the AAP government to publish all reports sent to LG for approval and how much time he takes to approve. The people of Delhi should know the working of the LG. That will pave the way for people to take correct decision in the next election.

    • Syed Aamir

      @LtGovDelhi god won’t forget you remmber ye PURA HINDUSTAN AUR DELHI wale ka BADDUA hai yaad rakhna ATALBIHARI VAJPAYEE se Bura bimari hoga tumhara @narendramodi ka
      GARIB KA HAAI lagega
      Ex PM NARSIMA RAO ka BODY KUTTA khaya tha tum dono ka usse Bura haal hoga

    • John Ferns

      As Governor/President/ECI is connected with the issues of the People then people should choose Governor/President/ECI. There must be election every 5 years to choose the Governor/President/ECI. People should vote for their choice Governor/President/ECI, which will be For The People, By The People And From The People. Governor/President/ECI should be Non-Political and work for the People.

      • SK Iyer

        hi John, are you on twitter? if yes what’s your twitter id?

        • John Ferns

          Thanks SK Iyer.
          But sorry I am not in Twitter.
          Anyway, How are you? After a very long time.


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