• Pilot being conducted on effectiveness of this device to curb dust particulate matter
  • These towers absorb particulate matter and release fresh air back into the atmosphere 

Environment Minister Mr Imran Hussain on Friday informed that the Delhi government has initiated the testing of Anti-Pollution Towers at Indraprastha Marg Flyover, ITO on pilot/experimental basis for demonstrating its effectiveness in the reduction of particulate matter i.e. PM 2.5, PM 10 and other suspended particulate matter in the air.

Anti-Pollution Towers absorb particulate matter from surroundings and release fresh air back into the atmosphere.

The Minister further informed that the performance of these Anti air pollution towers will be monitored and the results obtained will be evaluated for checking the efficacy and utility of Anti-Pollution Towers. Based on these results, the government will take further necessary decision for installing Anti-Pollution Towers at other prominent locations in Delhi for curbing air pollution especially at busy traffic intersections.

Mr Hussain stated that the government is committed to reduce air pollution and the government welcomes new initiatives and proposals for better control and management of air pollution in Delhi so that the residents can breathe fresh air.

The Minister stressed that technology is the only way forward for finding ways and means for controlling air pollution

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