Cabinet Minister Shri Imran Hussain met the family members of Late Dr. Prerna Jain on Monday. Dr. Jain tragically lost her life while performing her duty at the Mohalla Clinic in Kamla Nagar, Delhi. Local MLA, Shri Akhilesh Pati Tripathi, the SDM of Civil Lines, and senior officers of the Revenue Department were also present with the minister. The Minister presented a Samman Rashi of Rs. One Crore to the family members of the late Dr. Prerna Jain.

Shri Imran Hussain, arrived at Kamla Nagar today to visit the residence of the late Dr. Prerna Jain. Shri Hussain provided assurance to the family, ensuring them of all possible future assistance. He said, “While this ex-gratia amount cannot fully compensate for the loss suffered by the family, it is hoped that this financial aid will provide some assistance in improving their future.”

Shri Imran Hussain expressed his deep admiration for the late Dr. Prerna Jain, acknowledging her selfless sacrifice for the nation and her exemplary service to humanity. He said, “The entire nation takes immense pride in her dedication.” Late Dr. Prerna Jain, a resident of Kamla Nagar, Delhi, was approximately 54 years old. She served as an empanelled doctor of DGHS, Government of Delhi, at the Mohalla Clinic in Kamla Nagar. While tirelessly attending to and supporting patients at the clinic, Dr. Prerna Jain contracted the coronavirus herself during the second wave as a medical professional. Despite receiving treatment in the hospital, she succumbed to the infection and passed away on 31st May 2021. She is survived by her husband, Dr. Ajeet Jain, and three children (two daughters and one son) who are currently pursuing their medical studies.

Shri Imran Hussain further said, “Numerous ‘Corona-Warriors’ have made the ultimate sacrifice in their dedication to serving humanity and society. We wholeheartedly salute their unwavering efforts and their indomitable spirit in combatting the pandemic. The Delhi Government has already provided a Samman Rashi of Rs. One Crore to the families of over 70 ‘Corona-Warriors’ who tragically lost their lives while selflessly serving the people during the Covid-19 crisis.”

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