The Delhi Government’s Directorate of Education in collaboration with CENTA, hosted the Teaching Professionals Olympiad (TPO) to celebrate and acknowledge the exceptional talents of teachers in Delhi and those around the world. This global competition aimed to evaluate educators’ abilities based on international standards and promote excellence in teaching. Today, a felicitation event was held to recognize the outstanding performance and achievements of the top-ranking DoE teachers in the Delhi-CENTA TPO.

The Delhi-CENTA TPO witnessed an impressive participation of 1,096 teachers from the Directorate of Education. Among them, 942 teachers completed the multiple-choice question (MCQ) test, while 702 candidates underwent the Verbal Communications Test. The scores ranged from 89% to 22.5%, with an overall average of 65.56%, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of the participating teachers.

Education Minister Ms. Atishi expressed her appreciation for the efforts of teachers and said, “Our teachers are now confident to be among the global best. They competed among 6,000 teachers from 5 countries. They have announced to the world that Delhi Government school teachers are now competent to be one of the best globally. I congratulate them for taking the initiative to set new benchmarks for themselves.”

She added that 8 years of efforts to provide Delhi’s teachers with global exposure and confidence to compete with their counterparts around the world are finally showing results. This is an achievement of Delhi’s team education and the Kejriwal Government which invested and trusted in the abilities of DoE teachers.

The felicitation event aimed to motivate and incentivize teachers by recognizing their remarkable skills. As the competition progresses to the second stage, the winners will receive rewards and recognition from CENTA and its esteemed partners. Among the partners supporting the event this year are Reliance Foundation, Education World, The University of California Santa Cruz, The University of Buckingham, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Oxford University Press, and others.

Approximately 595 teachers have qualified for Round 2 of the CENTA TPO, which took place on April 30, 2023. The results of the second round will be announced by the end of June 2023. The winners will be rewarded with prestigious awards, including cash awards worth Rs. 20 lahks from Reliance Foundation and special training programs from the University of California Santa Cruz, The University of Buckingham, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and Oxford University Press.

The Delhi-CENTA Teaching Professionals Olympiad marks a significant milestone in recognition of exceptional teachers and their dedication to raising the standard of education. By participating in this global competition, Delhi teachers have demonstrated their competence and commitment to excel among the best in the world.

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