New Delhi, 18/07/2017

Delhi government launches India’s biggest career counselling project

New Delhi, 18th July, 2017: Delhi government on Tuesday launched India’s largest career counselling and guidance project which will be implemented by (iDC) with support from UNDP, India & Central Square Foundation.

The project was inaugurated by deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia. Four lakh students studying in class 10th, 11th and 12th of 1029
Delhi government school will be going through a psychometric career assessment test, followed by one-on-one guidance from an Educational and Vocational Guidance Counsellor (EVGC) in their respective schools.

Every student will get an online personalized career guidance dashboard where the student can access information on 500 plus careers and 350 plus entrance exams.

The portal is also available in Hindi language. Additionally all the 480 counsellors in EVGC bureau of DoE will be trained and they will also be getting an online counsellor dashboard so as to access student’s report, access career information and chat with their mapped school student.

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