Deeply touched & impressed with Mohalla Clinics : Mr Ban Ki Moon (former UN secretary general)   

·         The Elders team visits Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic and Polyclinic in Delhi

·         Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Ms. Brundtland laud Delhi Government’s healthcare initiatives

·         Deeply touched and impressed with the Mohalla & Polcyclinic: Mr. Ban

·         Chief Minister and Health Minister accompany the delegation to clinics

A team of The Elders (a global organisation working on peace and human rights) led by former United Nation Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and former Norway Prime Minister & former WHO DG Ms. Gro Harlem Brundtland visited the Delhi Government’s Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic (AAMC) and Aam Aadmi Polyclinic on Friday, September 07. Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Health Minister Mr. Satyendar Jain accompanied the delegation to the clinics.

(The Elders is an organisation founded by the Nobel laureate, late Nelson Mandela in 2007)

The first clinic visited by the delegation was the Peeragarhi Relief Camp AAMC. Mr. Ban and Ms. Brundtland were briefed on the working of the Mohalla Clinic, the facilities available and patient profile. The two talked to the Doctor to know more about the Mohalla Clinic. The Clinic visited by them was the first Mohalla Clinic started by the Delhi Government.

The delegation then visited the Aam Aadmi Polyclinic in Paschim Vihar. The delegation along with the CM and Health Minister were taken around to the different facilities of the polyclinic by the doctors. The delegation visited each and every facility at the clinic and interacted with the doctors to understand the working and to see the quality of care being provided.

Soon after the visit, the delegation also interacted with the media with the Chief Minister and the Health Minister. The Chief Minister introduced the delegation to the media and briefed about the visit and the importance of the visit of the team. “It is a moment of immense proud for us that such leading global personalities has to come down to Delhi to witness the revolution being carried out in the health sector,” said the Chief Minister.

Sharing her experience on the visit to the clinics, Ms. Brundtland said, “Impressive work is being done for the citizens of this city and for whoever who reaches these clinics. We Elders work on Universal Healthcare and you in Delhi doing it in Delhi. This needs to be done not only in every city in India but everyone in every country. We are very happy to see what is done here in Delhi.”

 Former UN Secretary General said that he was deeply touched and impressed with the clinics. “Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has great vision to make sure that primary healthcare is available to the poor and the vulnerable people. Mohalla Clinics and Polyclinics are the examples of what Government’s and politicians should do for the people. I deeply appreciate the Chief Minister and the Health Minister,” said Mr. Ban.

Responding to a question on health set ups around and the globe and which one he finds best, Mr. Ban said, “I am very much impressed with what I have seen today, I have travelled to many, many places. What I have seen today, the clinics are much systematic, well organised and well kept. I am very impressed. The Mohalla Clinics are taking good care of the vulnerable. The Chief Minister and the Health Minister are taking good care of the clinics.”

“The Mohalla Clinics are not only treating people but also working for prevention, childcare, pregnancy care, immunization and promotion of healthcare. This is impressive and this should be like this all over the world,” said Ms. Brundtland. She also said that these clinics were an example to be followed.

Answering a question on whether the Delhi government required more budgetary support from the Centre, the Chief Minister said, “We don’t need any additional budgetary allocation, we want them to just allow us to work.”

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