The Aam Aadmi Party lashed out at the Delhi LG on Monday for failing to control the law and order situation. Following the fatal stabbing of a young Delhi University student outside his college campus, AAP Chief Spokesperson Ms Priyanka Kakkar, expressed her deep sorrow and called for justice for the victim. Stressing the need to address the recurring pattern of violence, she again questioned the effectiveness of the law and order mechanism in the national capital and the lack of accountability within the police force, the Lieutenant Governor (LG)’s office, and the BJP-ruled central government. Urging the media to hold the Delhi LG accountable, she sought answers regarding the steps being taken to improve law and order and the reasons behind the escalating crime rate. The safety of Delhi’s residents hangs in the balance, and swift action is necessary to address this pressing issue.

Highlighting the alarming rise in heinous crimes against women and innocent citizens, the AAP’s chief spokesperson criticised the BJP-ruled central government for fostering a culture of crime. She expressed her dismay at the ease with which known criminals are found associating with the ruling party despite being declared absconders by the police. She said that such incidents contribute to the growing fearlessness among criminals and their lack of respect for the law. Hitting back at the BJP for opposing measures by the Kejriwal government, like panic buttons and CCTV cameras, she accused the BJP of having a “criminal mindset” and hence, dedicated to shielding criminals instead of prioritising the enhancement of public safety.

Expressing deep sorrow and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family over the murder of the young student, Ms Priyanka Kakkar called for immediate action to ensure justice for the victim. She said, “Delhi woke up to another distressing video today. The tragic death of young Nikhil Chauhan, who was brutally attacked on the South Campus of Delhi University yesterday evening, has left the entire nation shaken. We were all witnesses to the heart-wrenching video of Nikhil’s grief-stricken father. It is not just Nikhil who has lost his life, but his entire innocent family has been mercilessly shattered. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his bereaved family.”

During a recent press conference on Monday, Ms Priyanka Kakkar emphasised the urgent need to address the alarming rise in heinous crimes against women and other innocent citizens in Delhi. She said, “This shocking incident is yet another reminder of the deteriorating law and order situation in our city. Yesterday evening, a young man was stabbed to death inside an educational institution. Just yesterday morning, two young women were shot after intruders entered their own home. There are recurring incidents of gruesome violence in Delhi, where young women are subjected to heinous acts like being dragged under a moving car for 12 kilometres. These incidents paint a very grim picture of the capital city’s safety. Under the present law and order administration in Delhi, can we truly claim that the women, children and youth are safe? Schools, universities, hospitals, and even courts no longer seem to provide the security they should.”

Ms Priyanka Kakkar again raised serious questions about the effectiveness of the law and order mechanism under the helm of the BJP-ruled Central Government. She said, “This recurring pattern of violence in Delhi is a direct consequence of the city’s law and order being under the jurisdiction of the central government. The current ruling government continuously fosters an environment that encourages criminal activities. Even when the police identify and declare a notorious criminal a fugitive, we witness their eventual appearance on the public platform of the ruling party. This alarming trend has emboldened criminals, leaving them unafraid of the consequences imposed by the law.”

She further expressed her frustration regarding the lack of accountability within the police force and the office of Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor (LG) Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena. She questioned the LG’s silence on critical matters such as transparency regarding the active numbers and actions of the Police Control Room (PCR) patrolling vans of Delhi Police and steps being taken by the Delhi LG in terms of his visits to the police stations, the summoning and holding accountable of the Police Commissioners, etc. The Aam Aadmi Party has been continuously demanding accountability from the Delhi LG for the maintenance of law and order in the national capital.

Recalling the AAP government’s relentless efforts to improve safety in Delhi, Ms Priyanka Kakkar reminded the public of the struggle faced by the party to install CCTV cameras across the city. She lauded the determination of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, who even resorted to a sit-in protest at the LG House to ensure the installation of these cameras, which have proven to be instrumental in combating crime.

Regarding BJP’s issues with mandatory panic buttons in taxis and buses, the AAP spokesperson explained, “Panic buttons in these vehicles are essential tools to provide immediate help in emergency situations. However, the BJP’s objections stem from its criminal mindset and their desire to potentially shield their own members involved in criminal activities by ensuring there is no evidence for their crimes.” The Delhi Government has vehemently denied the baseless allegations levelled by the BJP, emphasising that the safety of commuters has always been the party’s utmost priority.

Ms Priyanka Kakkar concluded by urging the media to hold Delhi LG Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena accountable in light of the escalating crime rate and the deteriorating law and order situation in Delhi. She called upon the media to press Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena for answers regarding the steps that are being taken to improve law and order in the city and the reasons behind the worsening situation over the past year. “The safety of Delhi’s residents is at stake, and it is imperative to understand the root causes of the rising crime rate,” she said.

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