Education Minister Ms Atishi conducted a surprise inspection of the MCD School in Sagarpur on Wednesday morning. During the inspection, she found the school in shambles. The school was filled with dirt, cobwebs on the walls, broken swings for children, and plaster falling off the classroom ceiling. A part of the building had turned into a junkyard with piles of broken desks, and no action had been taken to address this issue for years. The Education Minister reprimanded the principal for negligence in the maintenance and cleanliness of schools and directed her to fix the situation of the school immediately or strict action will be initiated.

She said, “The deteriorating condition of the school reflects the insensitive attitude of the school administration towards the future of the students studying here, and such negligence regarding education cannot be tolerated.” While giving an ultimatum to the principal and education officer, she said directed them to run the school responsibly, otherwise be prepared for suspension.

During the inspection, it was found that the school is covered with filth, cobwebs on the walls, the school has broken swings for children, and plaster falling off the classroom ceiling. A part of the building has turned into a junkyard with piles of broken desks, and no action has been taken to address this issue for years. This section of the school is unsafe for children.

Upon seeing the condition of the school, Ms Atishi said, “The BJP has ruined MCD schools during their 15-year tenure. The deteriorating state of MCD schools is now being exposed to the public, revealing their failures. The poor state of the schools is due to the corruption of the BJP administration, as even buildings that are merely seven years old have started deteriorating.”

During the inspection, the Education Minister directed the officers, stating that the plaster of the school building, which was constructed just 7 years ago, is already falling off, and paper is accumulating on the walls due to poor sealing. The overall condition of the building has started deteriorating. This directly implies that there has been significant corruption in the construction process. The Minister further instructed the officers to investigate the reasons behind such rapid deterioration of the building and take strict action against those found responsible.

She also directed the concerned officials to investigate how many times the school inspector visited this school in the past 1 year, steps taken to address existing problems, and ensure strict action in case of negligence.

Upon observing the deteriorating condition of the school, Education Minister Atishi issued an ultimatum to the principal and education officer, stating that the school should be maintained properly, with good cleanliness practices, and if this is not done, they should be prepared for consequences including suspension. The Minister expressed that such a condition of the school is unacceptable. It is the duty of the principal to ensure that all children receive a quality education in a clean and safe environment. However, it is evident from the state of the school that the school administration is indifferent to the future of the students studying there. The Minister mentioned that this situation reflects a lack of concern for the education of the students. The concerned officials should take this matter seriously and work towards ensuring that all children in MCD schools receive the education they deserve.

The Education Minister blamed the BJP for the deteriorating condition of MCD schools over the past 15 years. The BJP focused on ruining the schools, leading to a bleak future for the children. The Minister highlighted corruption in MCD schools under BJP’s rule, resulting in the rapid deterioration of even recently constructed schools. The BJP’s governance has turned MCD schools into hubs of corruption, and as a result, a school that was built merely seven years ago is now deteriorating. “Officials must investigate the case and blacklist the contractor who built this building,” said Ms Atishi.

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