Drive-through vaccination centres

On 26 May 2021, the first drive-through vaccination centre was started in Delhi. This has made the process very convenient for citizens. Many more drive-through centres were expected to be started soon.

Walk-in vaccination facility opened

On 23 June 2021, the capital’s first walk-In vaccination facility was opened for all citizens above 18 years.

New milestone in vaccination

As of 31 Jul 2021, Delhi achieved a significant milestone:

  • Delhi has administered 1 Crore doses of vaccine
  • 74 lakh people have received shots
  • 26 lakh have received both doses
  • Delhi has built the capacity to administer 3 lakh shots a day

Vaccination on Wheels facility

On 3rd Sep 2021, a special Vaccination on Wheels campaign was launched by the AAP Delhi govt in the Loha mandi area of Rajendra Nagar assembly constituency. This is a walk-in facility aimed to help daily labourers get vaccinated.

<Source: Tweet by Raghav Chadha>

Nearing 2 Crore doses

As on 22 Oct 2021, COVID-19 vaccine doses in Delhi was within touching distance of 2 crores

  • 85.6% in capital have received at least one shot
  • 47% fully vaccinated

<Source: Times of India>

Vaccination Numbers Update

As of 6 Dec 2021, 93.9 percent of eligible beneficiaries in Delhi have received first dose of vaccination.

Vaccination for 15-18 age group opened

As on 3rd Jan 2022, 921,773 children have received at least the first dose of Covaxin (the jab being administered to teens across the country). 

When the government began the vaccination drive for this age group, it estimated around 1.01 million children to be eligible for doses. However, since the government is expanding its net to reach out to homeless and street children (who are not part of the official census), the new target is nearly 1.4 million children in the Capital.

As on 5 Mar 2022 over 624,000 children have received both shots of the jab, 28 days apart, and completed their inoculation regimen, showed the data.

Doorstep Vaccination facility rolled out

As on 25 Feb 2022, more than 1800 citizens have availed of the doorstep vaccination facility.

<Source: Times of India>

AAP Effect

On 11 May 2021, CM Arvind Kejriwal wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that in light of supply shortages of Covid vaccines, the Central Govt should share the vaccine formula of the two manufacturers with other capable pharmaceutical companies to scale up production. These two firms can be given royalty from the profit of other companies for the use of their original formulas, he added. He also suggested that the Centre can terminate the monopoly on vaccine production through the patent law.

Faced with the acute shortage of vaccines, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the Delhi government will float a global tender for procuring COVID-19 vaccines.

Consequently, on 13 May 2021, Dr. V.K. Paul of NITIAayog  gave an open invitation to the private sector having requisite technology to partner Bharat Biotech/I.C.M.R for manufacturing Covaxin in India.

Mindfulness sessions at Vaccination Centres in Delhi Govt Schools

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