LNJP completes milestone

On 11 Dec 2020, the AAP Delhi government-run Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP) hospital announced that it has successfully treated over 10,000 patients since it was declared a dedicated coronavirus facility.

Swiss ambassador Ralf Heckner showers praise

On 8 Apr 2021, Swiss Ambassador Ralf Heckner lavished praise on the Kejriwal Model of dealing with COVID.

“We managed beds with the help of an app & didn’t allow shortages even during the peak.” – CMO Delhi

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Best Govt Hospital award for combating Covid-19

On 3 Oct 2021, the LNJP won the award for Best Govt Hospital combating Covid-19.

Its Medical Director, Dr. Suresh Kumar receives the award.

Interview of Dr. Suresh Kumar, MD, LNJP

The high-quality healthcare infrastructure and services of Delhi govt have become a talking point across the country. LNJP hospital is the largest Covid hospital in North India. Thousands of people have received high-quality treatment, recovered and returned home.

Journalist Naveen Kumar is one of them. Here is his interview with Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of LNJP Hospital, dated 9 Jun 2021.

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