Special quarantine arrangements at Aerocity Hotels

On 17 Mar 2020, special quarantine arrangements were made in Aerocity hotels for passengers arriving in Delhi. According to the AAP Delhi Govt order, The IBIS will have to set aside 92 rooms, The Lemon Tree Premier 54 and Red Fox 36 rooms. The charges for these paid facilities were set by the Govt.

Home isolation guidelines

On 30 May 2020, the AAP govt released its comprehensive Home Isolation Guidelines for patients:

Home isolation arrangements

By 8 Jan 2022, the AAP Govt has made extensive arrangements for Home Isolation for COVID patients with mild or no symptoms.

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Logistics & Medical management of Home Isolation patients

By 12 Jan 2022 the Delhi Govt had streamlined its processes for delivering essential items, apart from medicines and oximeters, to patients fighting Covid-19 at their homes. 

In all the eleven districts of Delhi, teams of the health department and the revenue department handle home isolation management. In particular, the medical staff, Anganwadi workers and civil defense volunteers play an important role.

A> Civil Defense volunteers deliver Oximeter & essentials: 

  • After getting the data of corona patients, medicines like paracetamol, vitamin C, multivitamins are kept in a kit. 
  • In addition, an oximeter and thermometer are also provided in the kit. 
  • The kit also contains the most important bleaching powder, which is dissolved in water and then sprayed on masks and other disposables. 
  • Civil defense volunteers are given the responsibility of delivering these kits. A civil defense volunteer also collects all the information on the laptop to help the teachers.

B> Teachers roped-in to help handle calls

  • Teachers at the Delhi government’s dispensary are also helping authorities in taking care of patients in home isolation. 
  • Teachers are required to call patients in home isolation and inquire about their well being. The team of five teachers make up to 500 calls daily in South Delhi alone.
  • Medicines and oximeters are often demanded on calls. This demand is conveyed to the doctor and then civil defense volunteers go to their home and hand over the goods to the caretaker of the patient.

C> 24X7 Patient Monitoring 

From the day of testing corona positive till discharge from the home isolation, the patient is called and asked about his health and all the details related to the patient’s health are recorded in the laptop.

D> Surveillance Officers in each district

  • The Delhi government has also appointed surveillance officers in every district.
  • After being found Covid-19 positive, the patient treated in home isolation is made to sign an undertaking form in which it is written that the patient will follow all the Covid-19 protocols. 
  • A team of civil defense volunteers and an Asha worker go to the home of a patient after the dispensary prepares a kit equipped with medicines and an oximeter.

<Source: IndiaToday>

E> Team of Doctor for Tele-Consultancy

  • The Delhi government has deployed a separate team of 65 doctors for tele-consultancy. This team works 24 hours a day in four shifts.
  • Apart from advising treatment to patients on the phone, they also answer all the questions related to Covid-19.
  • Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also announced providing an online yoga facility for Covid-19 patients who remain in-home quarantine.

F> Covid Call Centre

  • An online Covid care centre has been set up in Delhi’s Swami Dayanand Hospital. This Covid call centre is known as Corona Mitra helpline. It has a team of eight specialised doctors and a technician.
  • This centre runs 24×7 and gives online consultation and psychological counselling. Two helpline numbers are issued so that patients can get immediate help.
  • The centre, which was made operational on 8 Jan 2022, receives approximately 100 calls daily.
  • Most of the patients who call suffer from mild fever and sore throat.

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