Education Minister Ms Atishi, attended the Desh Ke Mentor Conclave organized by the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) at Thyagraj Stadium and interacted with the mentors and mentees during the event on Thursday. Recognizing the invaluable contributions of the mentors in guiding students of Delhi Government Schools towards making informed career choices, Ms. Atishi said, “When a child comes from a background where the people in the family are able to guide him in making informed career choices, navigation through the career path becomes easier. However, for the students of Delhi government schools, this navigation is tough due to a lack of guidance from family members. They often do not have the required support available within the family. But the Desh Ke Mentor program has allowed our children to make informed choices about their careers with the support of people in the community.”

During the event, the Education Minister also felicitated the mentors for their commendable efforts in empowering students of Delhi government schools. After this mentees and mentors also shared their experiences with the Minister. Ms. Atishi expressed her gratitude to the mentors for their remarkable dedication to transforming the lives of students from Delhi government schools, extending their support beyond the realms of comfort. She said, “These mentors have not only guided students in selecting appropriate career paths but have also intervened to prevent instances such as child marriage. The contribution of mentors in shaping the future of the Delhi government school students is the contribution to nation-building. The impact of their work is truly inspiring.”

She added that it is a proud moment that the Delhi government is acting as a catalyst in bridging the gap between highly educated young professionals from across the nation and students attending government schools in Delhi. Through the Desh Ke Mentor program, the government has facilitated this crucial connection, enabling students to make informed decisions about their future career trajectories.

It is to be noted that the Desh Ke Mentor program, India’s largest mentoring initiative, aims to connect high school students (X-XII) of Delhi government schools with young professionals and university students for mentorship. The mentors provide guidance on career pathways, exam preparation, adolescent issues, and general support. With an impressive roster of mentors, 90% of whom are aged between 18 and 22 years, the Desh Ke Mentor program has facilitated over 40,000 mentorship conversations in the past six months alone.
The Desh Ke Mentor Conclave witnessed an impressive turnout of over 4,000 mentors, education department officials, Delhi government school students, DTU students, and other esteemed guests. Their presence and enthusiastic participation reflected the growing importance of mentorship in shaping the future of young individuals.

Other dignitaries present at the event were the Director of Education, Himanshu Gupta, Chairperson DCPCR Anurag Kundu, Additional Education Director Nandini Maharaj, Director SCERT Rita Sharma, and Principal Advisor to Education Director Shailendra Sharma.

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