Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal on Monday visited Katewara village in Bawana assembly constituency. The village had boycotted the recent MCD election over lack of development in the area. The CM listened to the grievances of the residents and assured them that their demands will be taken care of by the Delhi Government and MCD. MCD Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi and MLA Shri Durgesh Pathak also visited the village along with the Delhi CM. Notably, the residents of Katewara had alleged neglect by the authorities and therefore not even a single voter from here had voted in the civic body polls to elect a councillor for Nangal Thakran ward. Taking cognisance of the anger and discontentment of the locals, the CM visited their village and took stock of their problems. He interacted with the villagers at length and offered plausible solutions to all their problems. The CM also remarked that the entire village was like his own family to him and thus they have a right to be angry. He said that he considers it to be his duty to solve the problems of the villagers and will resolve all the issues raised very soon.

On Monday, despite heavy rainfall, hundreds of residents of the village gathered to meet and listen to the Delhi Chief Minister who was visiting the village. Upon his arrival, the villagers heartily welcomed the CM amongst them, tying a ceremonial ‘pagdi’ around his head as a mark of respect. Accepting the outpouring of love, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said that the village was around 1.5 hours from his residence and soon after he left he was informed that it was raining heavily and therefore the function could be postponed to another day. But he said that he had promised to meet the people here today and therefore despite the heavy rainfall, he made sure to come here and meet everyone in Katewara village.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal said that he was aware that the residents of the village were upset with all political parties and therefore had not voted in the MCD polls that were held in December last year. The CM said that he knows that everyone in the village looks upon him as a younger brother and therefore he had come here today to inquire about the reasons for people’s unhappiness and fix those problems.

After speaking to the residents of the village, he had come to know that a road was to be built for a long period and finally only recently it was built. He also found out that the village does not have a proper cremation ground and there had been a long pending demand of the people to build one, and the CM assured them that he would get this work done.

He also assured them that he will get the chaupal built and also informed the residents that the order has already been passed to ensure that the sewer line is constructed in the village. He also informed the residents that a stadium will be built besides the village school for the children to be able to play in. He also said that several lanes and roads in the village need to be built and said that he has spoken to the concerned persons to provide him a list of all the roads and assured them that funds from the Chief Minister’s Road Development Fund will be used for this purpose.

He also said that as per the demands of the people, a park and community centre will be built in the village. The residents informed him that the water of the pond in the village is very dirty and animals fall unwell after drinking it, so the CM assured them that the pond will be cleaned as well.

The Delhi CM concluded by asking everyone if all of their demands had been taken into consideration and reiterated that as he was their son, the villagers had the right to be angry with him over the lack of developmental work in the village. He assured them that unlike other politicians, he will work on his promises and make sure that Katewara village receives good facilities like other areas in the National Capital.

Later, on the demand of the villagers to bring metro connectivity up to Qutab Garh, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said that he will have to study the idea. “I will definitely work on this. But I am not making any promises regarding this right now,” he said. While leaving from the village, the CM asked everyone if there was any other demand left to be heard and said, “you can vote for whomever you want, but now you must go to cast your vote the next time.”

The CM also took to Twitter to share about his visit and wrote, “Went to Katewara village and met the residents of the area. All the villagers are my own family, my elders, my mothers and sisters. They have the right to be angry with me. It is my responsibility to understand their anger and solve their problems. We have got the village’s Phirni road built, and will get other works done soon including the construction of chaupal ghar.”

Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi also met with the villagers and listened to their problems. During this, the Mayor said that works related to MCD would be done soon in the village and the AAP government of MCD will fulfil every guarantee under the leadership of CM Arvind Kejriwal.

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