CM reviews the functioning of 1031 helpline on medicines availability in hospitals  


New Delhi: 25/10/2017

Chief Minister of Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday reviewed the working and response of the helpline 1031 in Delhi government hospitals.


Helpline number 1031 has been issued for patients and their relatives/attendants in government hospitals to report any kind of lapses in the policies of free medicines, tests and surgeries.


The meeting was attended by the Health Minister, Principal Secretary Health, Secretary Health and Medical Superintendents/Nodal Officers of government hospitals.


Notice/display boards have been erected in hospitals for the patients to call on 1031 if they don’t get medicines for free, face problems in free tests or surgery in private hospitals if government hospitals fail to operate them within 30-days time.


Each hospital has a nodal officer for resolving the calls on 1031 and report back about the resolution. However, according to the data of 1031, some hospitals/nodal officers failed to resolve all the issues and were pulled up during the review meeting.


On going through the data of the calls and the number of problems resolved, the Chief Minister expressed his displeasure and said that no call/case reported to 1031 should go unattended or unresolved.


The data of the calls on 1031 and the number of cases resolved and those unresolved is sent to the Chief Ministers Office every evening. To monitor these schemes more closely, the Chief Minister directed that from now onwards, all Nodal officers who fail to resolve all grievances would report to the Chief Ministers residence at 9 AM the following day along-with the Principal Secretary Health and Secretary Health with reasons & explanation on the same.


The Chief Minister made it clear to the officials present in the meeting that the free medicines, tests and surgery schemes have to be implemented 100% and no lapses should happen in these pro-people policies. He further told them that the government is serious on its implementation which will make best and affordable healthcare available for all in Delhi.


Shri Kejriwal also told them that there would be no resource crunch and they are free to come to him if they need anything for the better implementation of the schemes, but at the same time he made it clear that they should not lack in their efforts in the implementation.

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