Determined to tackle the issue of stray dogs and destitute cows in Delhi, Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal held a high-level meeting on Monday with MCD officials. He discussed the issue in detail and made significant decisions to resolve the problem. The Chief Minister’s efforts to address these issues are a step towards making Delhi a safer and more compassionate city for humans and animals alike. He has directed officials to prepare a detailed plan of action on the issue of stray dogs and cows, demonstrating his commitment to resolving this problem in a timely and effective manner. Alongside the action plan, the CM has directed the officials to take up 100% sterilisation and 100% anti-rabies vaccination of dogs on priority. While in the case of stray cows, the CM has instructed officials to procure additional trucks and construct another gaushala to ensure safe rehabilitation.

During the meeting, the CM reviewed the problem of stray dogs in depth. He has instructed MCD officials to ensure 100 percent sterilisation of stray dogs along with 100% anti-rabies vaccinations on priority, to address the problem.

To alleviate the issue of stray cows, two critical decisions were made during the meeting. Firstly, it was decided that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi would purchase an additional 16 trucks to transport destitute cows to the gaushalas. Currently, the MCD only has 12 trucks for this purpose. With the addition of these new trucks, the MCD will have a total of 28 trucks to collect destitute animals and take them to the gaushalas. This move will help the government better manage the issue of stray cows in the city.

During the meeting, officials informed the CM that the Delhi Government currently operates four Gaushalas for destitute cows in the city. To further improve the situation, Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal has decided to build another Gaushala in Delhi. This will increase the total number of Gaushalas in the city to five, providing a better facility to look after stray cows. The Chief Minister has directed the officials of MCD to prepare a comprehensive plan for the construction of the new cowshed at the earliest.

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