Senior Aam Aadmi Party Leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Shri Manish Sisodia has written a letter to the country from Tihar Jail. CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal shared this letter on Twitter on Friday. Shri Manish Sisodia, has expressed his deep concern over the recent statements made by the Prime Minister of India. In the letter addressed to the nation, Shri Sisodia highlighted the dangers of such statements and their impact on India’s global standing.

In the letter, Shri Manish Sisodia pointed out that in the 21st century, with new progress happening in science and technology every day, it is alarming to hear the Prime Minister’s claims that tea or food can be made from dirty gas by putting a pipe in a dirty drain. He further emphasized that such claims are baseless and have no scientific basis.

He also highlighted the Prime Minister’s statements on radar technology and its inability to detect a plane flying behind the clouds, which has become a topic of ridicule and laughter among children studying in schools and colleges.

According to the AAP Leader, the Prime Minister’s statements are not only factually incorrect but also reflect his lack of basic knowledge of science, which is extremely concerning for the country. He further added that such statements have the potential to damage India’s global standing and reputation.

He also raised questions on the Prime Minister’s international visits, stating that it is unknown how many papers are signed in return for a hug, as the Prime Minister’s lack of education may prevent him from understanding the implications of such agreements.

He urged the Prime Minister to refrain from making such baseless and factually incorrect statements in the future, as they have the potential to harm the country’s progress and reputation on the global stage.

In the letter, Shri Manish Sisodia expressed his concern about the closure of 60,000 government schools across the country and the lack of emphasis on education by the government.

He highlighted that today’s youth is aspirational and wants to conquer the world by doing wonders in the field of science and technology. However, he questioned whether a less educated Prime Minister could fulfill the dreams of today’s youth.

He further emphasized that the closure of government schools across the country is a cause for alarm. The increasing population of the country should have led to an increase in the number of government schools. However, the closure of these schools shows that education is not a priority for the government.

He also highlighted a video in which the Prime Minister proudly admits to being less educated. He questioned whether it is a matter of pride to be illiterate or less educated and emphasized that good education will never be arranged for the child of a common man in a country whose Prime Minister is proud of being less educated.

In conclusion, Shri Manish Sisodia stressed that the country’s progress is dependent on good education and the closure of government schools across the country is a living proof of this fact. He urged the government to prioritize education and take necessary steps to ensure that every child in the country has access to quality education.

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