The Kejriwal Government has prioritised providing uninterrupted electricity supply to the citizens of Delhi. Power Minister Ms Atishi directed officials to resolve every minor issue faced in the distribution of electricity to ensure there are absolutely no outages across the city, on Saturday. In this context, Power Minister Ms. Atishi inspected the BSES Control Room and the DISCOM’s Electricity Distribution Monitoring System located at Balaji Enclave on Saturday on the directions of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal. The Power Minister reviewed all aspects of the monitoring system and instructed officials to further strengthen the system, so that any possibilities of outage are identified and resolved immediately.

During the inspection, Power Minister Ms. Atishi said that guaranteeing 24×7 electricity supply for the citizens of Delhi is one of the Kejriwal government’s top priorities. To fulfil this objective, steps will be taken to ensure that there are ‘zero power cuts’ and that the government is equipped to meet the growing power demand of the city throughout this summer.

The Power Minister instructed officials to take all measures necessary and ensure that citizens do not face any inconveniences due to power cuts, even during days with peak power demand in the summer. Any issues in the electricity distribution system, such as the need for wire replacements or transformer repairs, must be resolved within record time to avoid any outages.

The Power Minister also directed the officials of the BSES to strengthen the existing monitoring system and gather data at a granular level, so that any possibility of outage can be identified and resolved immediately.

Ms. Atishi further instructed the officials to submit a weekly report from the DISCOM’s monitoring system to the Minister, sharing data which includes information as to where and why power cuts occurred, when and how they were identified, and how long it took to resolve the outage.

It is noteworthy that as per the vision of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, uninterrupted electricity supply has been provided to each and every household in the national capital even during days that experienced peak electricity demand in summers. The Power Minister follows the stringent practice of regularly reviewing data from the entire power distribution system, so that even the minutest issues pertaining to the same are resolved in a time bound manner.

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